Affordable Furniture Moving Companies in Johannesburg

Space-Saving Tips from One of the Affordable Furniture Moving Companies in Johannesburg

If you need to create additional space in a cramped apartment, how do you do it? If you want to put up shelving, but the landlord isn’t up for the idea, where do you place your books? Apart from it being essential to make use of affordable furniture moving companies in Johannesburg to save on the costs associated with getting valuable belongings from one place to another, we share some tips to help turn your rental home into a comfortable haven below.

You Cannot Hit Nails into the Walls

Usually, landlords are not fond of tenants who hit nails into the walls, but how else can you hang up your family portrait? Adhesive tape is the answer. This is a more affordable and convenient way to hang several types of items on the wall. This way, when you need to use one of the furniture moving companies to relocate from one home to another in Johannesburg, you won’t need a repairman to fix holes in the house.

Fill Your Suitcases

Many people want to use boxes and crates to store belongings that they don’t ordinarily use. However, these don’t make for appealing displays. If you have vintage suitcases lying around, use them for storage instead. They are more attractive than boxes and can fit perfectly behind couches or underneath beds. Otherwise, you can make use of us as one of the affordable furniture moving companies in Johannesburg offering storage facilities to free up even more space.

Cupboards with Leaks

Sometimes, when a house hasn’t been well-maintained, leaks arise in unconventional places, such as the cupboard beneath the sink. If you use tension rods, you can create additional areas to place cleaning products or even shoes. This approach also helps to keep the belongings dry in case of the bottom of the wardrobe falling victim to a nearby leak.

Bedside Table or Desk

If you don’t have a large room, but want a lamp next to your bed and a place to put your computer, utilise a desk for both. Instead of two separate tables, you can use one to serve both purposes. This goes for guest beds as well. Use a daybed sofa for a couch and an extra sleeping place for unexpected guests. This way, you don’t need to assign a room to your friends and family. They can just sleep in the living room.

If all else fails, you can move to another house with the help of Elliott Mobility – one of the affordable furniture moving companies in Johannesburg.