Affordable Movers in South Africa

5 Things to Keep in Mind when Looking for Affordable Movers in South Africa

Why struggle to move on your own when you can have a professional taking the weight off your shoulders? Not only is moving one of the most stressful things that you can do, but you more than likely do not have all the correct equipment and resources to pull a move off by yourself. And, you shouldn’t have to. There are plenty of affordable movers in South Africa that can assist you and make your life much easier. However, before you choose the first option you find, ask yourself these five questions about the affordable movers in South Africa you are considering using:


Do They Offer More Services Than Merely Transporting Your Possessions?

Remember, just because their rates seem reasonable, it does not mean a moving company is good value for money. Be sure to check what is included in their service. Look out for things such as planning assistance, packing of boxes, unloading, handyman services to help you get set up, and so forth. You want a full-service experience to get the best possible value.


Do They Have the Ability to Move Fine Art?

Any owner of fine art will tell you how tricky it is to move these precious works. Any scratch or knock can cause irreparable damage. You need a specialist to take care of the packaging, moving, and installation of these pieces. If you own fine art, you would want to find out if any of the affordable movers in South Africa you are considering offer this service.


Can They Assist You with Pet Relocation?

Your pets are a precious part of the family. If you are planning on moving in or out of the country, can any of the affordable movers in South Africa assist you with the travel arrangements for your beloved pets? Consider things like flights, import or export licenses, quarantine arrangements, custom-made travel containers, kennel services, and more.


Will They Be Able to Safely Transport Your Vehicles?

What is your plan if you own multiple vehicles or collect vintage vehicles? A full-service relocation partner should ideally have the means to help you transport your vehicles, whether it be by road freight locally, or via safe and secure sea freighting to international destinations.


Do They Offer Storage Solutions?

When looking at affordable movers in South Africa, you should also keep in mind the possibility that you may need to store some of your items during the relocation period. Maybe this is necessary while you find your feet in your new location, until your place at your destination becomes available, or maybe you simply do not need all your possessions with you all at once.

Elliott Mobility is one of the top affordable movers in South Africa. We offer all the above services as part of our all-inclusive approach to assist our clients and make sure that their relocation is as easy and stress-free as possible.