Affordable Storage Solutions

How to Make the Best Use of Affordable Storage Solutions

We offer affordable storage solutions to meet your short- and long-term storage needs. Follow the tips below to maximise on potential savings and benefits when making use of affordable storage solutions.

Plan Ahead

Follow the packing tips below to reduce the risk of damage to items:

Always pack heavier items in small boxes to make it easier to move the items to one of our affordable storage units.

Use foam sheets, plastic and bubble wrap, as well as packing peanuts when you pack glass and ceramic items.

Use masking tape to make a large X on the mirror surface as this will prevent the mirror from scattering should you accidently bump it against something during the move.

Always put the heaviest boxes and crates at the bottom.

To prevent smelly odours in the storage unit as the result of a closed fridge, keep the door of the fridge slightly open.

In addition to the open-door solution, place an open jar of baking soda in the fridge.

If you have to store your garden tools and equipment with the furniture in the same storage unit, make sure you separate household and garage items to prevent grease from staining the furniture.

Make use of our range of affordable storage units for your range of items, such as pot plants in the greenhouse setup, and antiques and carpets in temperature controlled environments, and more.

Store glasses and dinnerware in dish packing boxes and be sure to wrap each item separately.

Don’t wrap items in printed newspaper, because the ink can stain the items.

Use dresser drawers for the smaller and more fragile items.

Store Antiques in Climate-Controlled Environments

One of the reasons why so many people make use of our affordable storage solutions is our commitment to client service. This also entails giving advice regarding the right type of storage units or environments for antiques. For highly valuable antiques and carpets, we recommend temperature controlled environments. You want dry and mildew-free spaces for any such items. Fortunately, all our affordable storage solutions are well maintained and moisture free.

How to Save On Space

Always pack the frequently used items in the front of the unit. In this way, you do not have to rearrange the contents of the unit when you just want to remove one item. Wherever possible, disassemble large furniture pieces as it well help you to save on space usage. Always keep a centre aisle to allow for easy access to the goods at the back of the storage unit. Chairs can take up less space if you store the items seat to seat in an inverted format. Make sure every crate or container is filled to the brim. If there is open space in a crate, fill it with packing material. If the crate is fully packed, it is stronger, and you can stack other crates on top of it.

To get the best and most affordable storage solutions, contact Elliott Mobility in Johannesburg. We offer solutions for vehicle, household, and plant storage.