Smart Consumers Use the Better Moving Companies in South Africa

Smart Consumers Use the Better Moving Companies in South Africa

moving company in south africa

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In a world where food and other daily prices keep escalating, it’s easy to understand how we created an entire generation of bargain hunters! Statistics show that whenever most people get a chance to score on price, they’ll take it, often regardless of any other consideration. Of course, price is a prime consideration. Market forces of competition within demographics dictate that everyone charges comparable prices in any given industry. That’s the best part about the markets working in consumers’ favour. But, when price becomes the only consideration, it’s bad news, mostly for the consumer. Services become threadbare and complaints rise - it’s a race to the bottom in which many companies will hint at services they cannot legitimately provide for the price they’re charging.

Again, it’s hard to blame anyone for bargain hunting, as the inflationary model in which we exist tends to just make people want to “balance out” at the end of the year. What that means is that they’ll want to feel they had a year of paying what they had to, with a couple of scores in between. As such, high-risk consumerism comes in when those looking to move simply hunt for the cheapest service available. It’s also unfortunate, because the reality is, contrary to the assumed price tag of the top removal companies in South Africa, that the pros do a better job of keeping costs per service low when you consider what you’re getting in the deal.


The Best Removal Companies Aren’t Cheap, They’re Cost-Effective

Again, to be clear, price is crucial, but rather than shopping for the cheapest option, savvy consumers shop for the most cost-effective service or solution. It’s a more intelligent approach to consumerism, because it benefits the consumer first, by tailor-making their existence. How? Consider something we’ll all have to do sooner or later - moving home or offices. In this case, you’re going to want to balance the expense with the assurance you need that all of your worldly goods won’t end up strewn across a roadway, or worse, that your chosen mover doesn’t pitch up on the day of the move. Delayed moves can cost a lot, as anyone who’s had to reschedule a move and deal with the fallout on both ends can tell you.

Looking for a cost-effective solution amongst removal companies will elevate you to the higher echelons of moving companies in South Africa because instead of being cheap, they offer great value for money, which is really what “cost-effective” should mean. Rather than a blunt choice of prices on a sliding scale, savvy consumers look to pick and choose the services they want at a market-related price. It’s therefore not about being held captive by high prices, but rather about getting the service you want, at an affordable price. It might sound the same as shopping on price alone, but it’s, in fact, a different approach entirely. It’s the only way to ensure that you’re getting a fair price on a range of options. This allows you to eliminate aspects that don’t hold value for you, while happily securing those that do present a big value-add.


Elliott is One of the Most Affordable Moving Companies

At Elliott, we’ve built our business on providing value for money. When our clients look at the line items of our quotes and their cost, they are assured that they’re dealing with transparent professionals and that their estate is in good hands! No one rises to the top by ripping people off, and that applies to any industry, including moving companies in South Africa. To be an excellent, respected removal company, you have to be big on service and fair on price.

At Elliott, we’ve moved more people around the country and the world than we can count, and we’ve been a top name amongst moving companies in South Africa for decades. We’re cost-conscious, which makes us cost-effective, and our services come out of the top drawer. Keep it simple or opt for all the bells and whistles - you choose! Call on us and we’ll provide you with all the options and prices, allowing you to settle on the moving budget that best suits you while being assured that you’re in professional hands.

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