Business Relocation Made Easy (and Cost-Effective Too)

Did you hear the one about the Jo’burg company that hired clowns for their year-end party? No. You didn’t, because no one in their right mind would hire clowns to entertain adults at a business function. The same doesn’t seem to apply to business relocation, however, where clowns are often thick on the ground! Jokes aside, business apparatus, equipment, and functionality are all precious things. When no one knows this better than the company looking at a business relocation, it does make you wonder how things are often left to chance, hope, and a local truck, one that may or may not appear on the day or make it to the other side.

That’s more than a mere suggestion. Many company executives can be found on a highway somewhere around South Africa every day, yelling into their phones, trying to make a plan to get their stuck truck rolling again, or get their goods offloaded and packed into a new vehicle that might actually be able to complete the job.  The statistics are grisly, and the real tragedy is that while the CEO is trying to make a Plan B, customers are waiting, as are deliveries, as are appointments for new business-the list goes on. Business relocation can often dampen business, but it shouldn’t, and it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. The value of professional movers in a business relocation is nothing short of planetary. Indeed, you’ll be living on a different planet of experience when you’re in the hands of pros like Elliott, looking down at those executives on the highway verge, far away!


Business Relocation Should Be a Business Exercise

In any business relocation, engaging professional services should be an obvious choice, because business deals B2B. Clowns might be funny at the circus, but it’s not funny when your office copier is in pieces on a tarmac somewhere, or your printer won’t switch on when you’re finally set up at the new place. Losing money isn’t funny, it’s lousy, which is why smart business uses a professional moving service for their business relocation. Those that do, get the best of the experience by any measure. The choice is angst, or peace of mind, it really is. When it’s said that business relocation should be a business exercise, it points to the fact that a commercial move has got a lot to lose if it’s not done right.

Something else that offsets the expenditure involved in relocating your business, is a little magic called tax deduction. When you outlay for a professional, commercial move, you can file that squarely under tax-deductible expenses. It’s another huge motivator to avoid the rat pack and move with professionals. Business running costs are tax-deductible, as are monies paid to outsourced contractors, so getting a pro moving outfit in is very definitely a business expense. That might not count for homeowners, but in business, tax-deductible expenses accrued are always stashed away to make the fiscal year a good one, and moving costs are no different. “When you gotta go, you gotta go!”, as the saying goes, and when you’re out of space or time and you have to move, you can indulge your business relocation, because it’s a tax offset.


Elliott Maintains Your Professionalism, and Lets You Enjoy Your Move

Business relocation should be a proud and fun moment. It’s always an exciting human experience to move into a new space, be that space residential or commercial. Especially when you can expect the taxman to accommodate the expenditure, businesses should really only ever be carried from Point A to Point B by professional movers. Business defines the professional arena, so stay in it, and keep your gear and staff morale (and sanity!) intact on moving day.

Call us when you’re planning your move, and we’ll come in early and show you just how extensive and encompassing our services are. More than that, Elliott will get it done with style, quickly and smartly, and that keeps you in your income stream without business being delayed or derailed. Skip those unforeseen issues or accidents or sloppiness on the day, leave them for the clowns to clean up! We’re here to provide you care and professionalism, and our service shows it. Call us, mail us, but get us underneath your laptop desks and filing cabinets when they need to relocate-it’s the smartest decision any business can make.