Do Moving Companies Work In The Rain?

Do Moving Companies Work In The Rain?

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Unpredictability is the last thing you need on the day your move is scheduled. Moving companies try their best to ensure that everything goes smoothly, but some things are completely out of our control, such as the weather and time itself. One thing that moving companies are in control of, however, is how they approach moving your belongings (and how far they are willing to go to get the job done). For some moving companies, minor setbacks like having to work in the rain may result in a move being postponed indefinitely, while other moving companies like Elliott prefer to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if we have to work in the rain.

For Elliott, having to work in the rain is a non-issue. We’re not afraid to get wet, but we know that you don’t want the same for your belongings. We are experts in keeping things as dry and safe as possible and we will do what we can to ensure the rain does not affect your move at all. One of the few things more important to us than the safety of your goods is the safety of our own employees. We would not ask them to work in dangerous conditions (such as severe storms or hail), so we will often ask them to wait out dreadful conditions and to keep both you (the customer) and us (management) in the loop as to when they expect a move can begin. Yes, we work in the rain, but not at the expense of employees’ safety.

How Weather Forecasting Works (And Why It Suddenly Rains On The Worst Days)

When you schedule a move far ahead of time, it’s not always possible to know what the weather will be like on that particular day. It’s possible to compare the weather of previous years, but it would be foolhardy to expect a day to remain sunny in the middle of a rainy season. However, keeping track of the weather close to your move is still a good idea, so you should consult with moving companies to find out if they will work in the rain.

Weather forecasting is a lot more complicated than simply making educated guesses on weather patterns based on historical data. Weather patterns change over time. Meteorologists (weather scientists) study these patterns to inform their weather forecasts. Beyond historical weather patterns, other methods used to determine a weather forecast include measuring atmospheric pressure and temperature, observing cloud and wind patterns, and using complex scientific models to predict the behaviour of weather systems. Even with the advances of modern technology, we still can’t predict the weather with 100% certainty. The conditions mentioned above can change rapidly and even if a specific type of weather occurs as predicted, it does not necessarily happen uniformly across the entire region. That is why you’ll see rain and hail predictions that are often far below 100% – if it didn’t rain and the prediction was only 50%, that doesn’t mean your weatherman is a fraud. It simply means that weather conditions may have changed since the forecast was published, leading to a different outcome than expected.

When it does rain, it sometimes happens on days when we don’t expect it to. For some of us, it can feel like the rain “waited” just to ruin our day, especially during events like weddings or moving house. The short answer is, it definitely doesn’t always rain on the worst days or when you don’t want it to. It just seems that way. The term for this is “confirmation bias”, which means we tend to interpret events as though they specifically revolve around us, and the outcome is either exactly what we expected or completely the opposite. If it rains when you need to move, it’s just bad luck. Luckily for you, Elliott is one of those moving companies that will work in the rain.

Elliott Keeps Your Furniture Safe And Dry

Keeping your belongings dry is not rocket science. When moving companies like Elliott have to work in the rain, we know how to wrap your belongings to keep them from getting wet and damaged.

Contact us now. We’ll handle your next move, whether we have to work in the rain or not.

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