Elliott joins water relief efforts

Elliott Mobility recently teamed up with Jacaranda FM to drive #ProjectWaterDrop – an initiative to bring water to drought-stricken communities across South Africa. Throughout the delivery day, Elliott Mobility vehicles travelled between various drop off points to collect containers of water donated by businesses and the public.

The water was delivered to Jacaranda FM, where delivery of water to Lichtenberg in the North West was facilitated. Elliott Mobility also offered up their offices in Centurion as a water drop-off point.

Due to an unexpected shortage of delivery vehicles, three Elliott trucks joined the convoy of vehicles travelling to Lichtenburg from Jacaranda FM. Of the water collected, approximately 17 600 litres were donated by Aquazania. Elliott added to the contribution by donating approximately 100 additional bottles of water.

Jacaranda’s #ProjectWaterDrop was an extremely heart-warming and well-supported initiative. Maintaining the momentum of the campaign, Elliott Mobility Durban has joined East Coast Radio (ECR) and Gift of the Givers to support #ProjectWaterShare in KZN going forward.

Elliott Mobility Durban has donated 2.5 tons of water to date throughout KZN. Teams from Elliott, ECR and Gift of the Givers have worked closely to ensure the seamless delivery of this scarce commodity to Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas. Elliott Mobility extends their thanks to everyone who helped make a difference.