Experienced Movers in South Africa

Packing Advice from Experienced Movers in South Africa

Packing is the most time-consuming part of moving house. However, if you plan it properly and have the right supplies, it can go faster. But do not wait until a week before moving. Pack ahead of time, even if you just pack the items you will not use again before moving. All the experienced movers in South Africa will tell you that proper preparation is essential.

Tips on Packing from Experienced Movers in South Africa

Most of us know what it feels like to move, but not all of us know how to do it right. If you get the packing process under control, you are already a step closer to hassle-free relocation. Follow the tips below to pack like experienced movers in South Africa:

  • Allocate a place for packing supplies.
  • Buy the essential tools.
  • Prepare more supplies than you think you need.
  • Make a list to determine what should be packed first.
  • Colour-code crates and boxes.
  • Have valuables box and essentials boxes.

The Packing Station

Searching for a marker in a house full of boxes and unsorted items can be frustrating. If you allocate a space where all the supplies used for packing are stored, it is possible to avoid a lot of frustration. It also makes it easier to see if you have enough supplies. Buying the supplies ahead of time is better than waiting until you run out of tape just before your experienced movers team knocks at the door to collect your items for moving them to your next city of residence in South Arica. The closer moving day gets, the more you start to forget or miss things. So, don’t procrastinate; buy supplies before you pack and store everything at the packing station.

What You Need for A Move in South Africa

Supplies such as markers, highlighters, pens, and labels are vital for marking boxes to help find items without having to unpack. You need cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Do not forget about protective supplies such as newspaper, bubble wrap, and tape to secure items. The most important tool for a move is a pair of scissors.

Rather Be Overprepared

Not buying enough boxes, tape, or labels disrupts the packing process. People often miscalculate the number of boxes, tape, and labels needed. If you are using experienced movers in South Africa, they will likely offer a refund for unused and undamaged boxes.

In What Order You Should Pack

List every item in the house. Use the list to categorise packing. This helps determine which items should be packed first and which ones to leave until a day or two before the movers come to collect them. Clothing is something you should not pack immediately. However, you can pack summer clothes away if it is winter – and the other way around. Pack your essentials and valuable last.

Categorise and Colour-Code

Colour-coded boxes are easier to sort and are often used by experienced movers in South Africa. You can have green labels for toys, blue for kitchen supplies, and red for electronics. Whatever way you decide to organise the items, make sure you keep items in the right categories. By packing only items that go together, you make it easier to stack boxes and find items. You do not want to stack heavy books on kitchenware. Light goes on top and heavy at the bottom. This way you avoid damaging your belongings.

Valuables Box

Each person should have a crate or box with items that are important or expensive. These can be jewellery, important documents, special gifts, and sentimental items. Anything that is irreplaceable should go into the valuables box. Keep it with you in the car, even if you are using experienced movers to transport your items.

Essentials Bag

The essentials bag contains items like your toothbrush, nightgown, soap, and anything else you might use within the first two days of moving. Even if you make use of professional packing services, you should still pack the valuables and essentials are boxes on your own.

If you are not up to all the time-consuming hard work, make use of our team of experienced movers in South Africa. Leave it to the people who pack for a living to help you experience stress-free relocation.