Furniture Removal Companies

Furniture Removal Companies Know the Secrets to Moving Heavy Items

Whether it is to rearrange your living room, move to a new house, or sell some old couches on auction, knowing how to move your heavy furniture is a big help. Of course, you can always look for furniture removal companies to manage the process and thus reduce the risk of injury or damage to valuables. The most important point to remember is to never do something dangerous alone. Even if you only have someone who can phone for help if needed, it is better than having no one to assist you.

Removal Tips to Help You Get Started

Heavy lifting can cause accidents, even if it is not the shelf falling on top of you. For instance, you can trip and fall down the stairs. To lessen the risk of a back injury, always lift the furniture with your legs. Bend your knees and not your waist. Furniture removal companies do a lot of planning before moving household items. It is thus better to let them do the heavy lifting, but if you want to move one or two pieces closer to the exit, being well prepared for the task is crucial for success:

  • Dress for the Job

There is always a risk that you or someone else might accidentally place a heavy item on your foot. Wear close-toed shoes with a hard exterior. Protect your hands with gloves and tie up your hair. Don’t dress in fancy clothes or anything you might not want to get dirty. The moving personnel from removal companies never show up in their party outfits and, as such, you should follow their lead.

  • Too Big a Task

If you know that you are not able to carry the pool table on your own, then don’t attempt it. Call a friend if necessary. If you try moving extremely heavy pieces, you may just end up damaging the pieces and risk being injured in the process.

  • Take the Load Off

If you are moving a wardrobe, remove all the clothing and drawers, and any other loose bits. Take apart that which can be taken apart. Use bubble wrap and blankets to protect the dresser and don’t forget about the doorways. If an item is too hefty, taking it apart could be the solution. By using protection methods on doorways and narrow passages, you avoid damaging your home.

  • Spend a Little More and Get Help from One of the Removal Companies

If your friends and family are not up to the task, another option is calling in the help of furniture removal companies.

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