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Furniture Removal Companies South Africa

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Use Furniture Removal Companies for Easier Pet Relocation in South Africa

South Africa is a huge country, especially if you plan to move from one province to another. Even if you are just moving from one part of the Western Cape to another, you will be surprised by the distance between towns.

Having to move with pets from one side to the other in South Africa adds a new level of complexity to the move, especially with the long-distance travelling required. This is especially true if you have dogs that cannot be in the same confined space. Add a cat to the mix and it becomes a living nightmare. That is if you are trying to do it without help from one of the experienced furniture removal companies in South Africa, offering not only furniture removal services, but also pet relocation assistance.

To help make the process of getting your household items, vehicles, plants, artworks, and pets safely from one place to another, it is thus highly recommended that you make use of experienced furniture removal companies in South Africa.

Apart from selecting one of the furniture removal companies, what else can you do to prepare for pet relocation? We share a few tips below to help you get started.


Most Importantly – Get Help

You can either contact pet relocation providers or simply make use of one of the furniture removal companies that will coordinate the pet relocation along with the removal of your furniture to your destination of choice in South Africa. The latter option makes more sense, as it is possible to coordinate when the animals are collected and when they arrive. The perfect scenario is one where the animals arrive with you at your new home. To this end, you will appreciate our services as one of the best-established furniture removal companies in South Africa.

Get the Required Carriers

Get the appropriate pet carriers as required by the service provider, whether it is for road or air transport. Do this a few weeks before the move. Place the open carriers in your home to make your pets used to the items. Go a step further by placing their favourite blankets or toys inside. You can also give treats in the carriers. In this way, they get used to the units and associate being in the carriers with a positive experience. It will help to reduce the stress of being in the carriers for a few hours. This way, they should already be comfortable with being in the carriers on the day of relocation and you should not have to struggle to lure them into their transport cubicles.


Get Tags with Your Contact Information

If possible, have your animals chipped or tagged at the vet a few weeks before the move. Also, speak to your vet about the best options for tagging and the comfort of your animals while in transit. Tag their carriers and collars as well. Make sure that all the information on the tags and RFID chips is up to date. Ask the vet about the prescription of a tranquiliser to calm their nerves.


Refrain from Feeding Them a Few Hours Before Transportation

For their safety and comfort, only provide water a few hours before the trip, so as to prevent them from becoming sick or bloated while in transit. The excitement, uncertainty, and motion associated with a relocation can cause them to become sick. Once they arrive at the new place, give them a moment to get used to their new environment and then introduce their standard food.


Cater to the Needs of Your Animals

Speak to the furniture removal companies about special care for animals with specific medical needs. You will be glad to know that we cater to your pet’s specific needs. Be sure to inform our team about any special precautions regarding a particular pet.


Keep Them Separate

With many people in your house, most of whom they do not know, your pets could become anxious. Rather have them in a separate room away from the noise and movement. Put their toys, water, and food in the room. Once the movers have left, you can open the room and give them time to explore. Remember to put a notice on the door that states “Pets inside. Please don’t open”. You do not want someone to accidentally open the door and have the pets run out into the street.

Get in touch with our team to safely move your furniture and pets to your new home.

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