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5 Factors Affecting Your Furniture Removal Quotes

Getting accurate furniture removal quotes is as easy as going online and completing a single form, right? Or, perhaps not. Unless you are able to provide detailed information about the distance, date of moving, number of boxes, and furniture pieces to be moved, it is a bit more complex than that. Below are factors that affect furniture removal quotes. By understanding such, you are able to plan ahead, thereby ensuring savings and, most certainly, more accurate furniture removal quotes.

Items to Be Moved

In order to benefit from getting accurate removal quotes, you need to be exact. The companies need to know the sizes, types, and weight of the items to be moved. Of course, you cannot be expected to know how much everything weighs. Their consultants work on averages. They know the average size of a fridge, bar stool, 4-seater table, coffee table, dresser, etc. They also know the weight. What they don’t know is that your items are custom built and thus do not exactly fit the average size and weight. This is why it is important to first list everything that must be moved. Only then should you call companies that are willing to send consultants to your home to assess the sizes, types, numbers, and dimensions of the items to be moved.

The inventory is important, as it determines the type of equipment needed for lifting, the number of workers required, the type of truck, and how long loading and offloading will take.

Accessibility of the Premises

Do you live on a farm far from town? Will the movers have to drive on a small gravel road on a mountain pass to get to your home? Perhaps you stay in a security complex with many overhanging trees blocking easy access for large vehicles. Height and weight restrictions in some estates can be problematic for the movers. In addition, stairs, lifts and long carrying distances must also be calculated. The more difficult it is to access a property, whether for collection or offloading, the more manpower and planning will be required. This will also mean more time to allocate to the collection and offloading. This is why it is important to ask for furniture removal quotes from companies that are willing to send consultants to the collection and delivery addresses.

Date of Move

Why should it matter whether the move takes place on a Sunday, Monday, or Friday? And, why is it important to know whether the move is mid-month, or at the start or end of the month? For one, moving companies must plan ahead to ensure that they have trucks available for the specific dates and times. As such, their planning team should schedule moves in such a way so as to minimise the costs for the company. With most people moving at the end or beginning of the month, trucks may not be available at the preferred time, unless you book early in advance. A move that takes place over a weekend or public holiday can also cost more because the workers must be paid more.

Keep in mind that furniture removal companies may have more trucks and capacity in the middle of the month and in the middle of the week. Their quotes for these periods may be more affordable than for the peak periods.

Travel Distance

Fuel is expensive and so is truck maintenance. Add the cost of toll fees and the fees that trucks must pay for carrying heavy loads on particular roads, and you will see that distance makes a huge difference in price. Be sure to provide the start and destination addresses when requesting furniture removal quotes. Removal companies also take the total number of workers, man-hours worked, distance from their depots to the collection and delivery addresses, and other overheads into consideration when they provide quotes for moves.

Add-On Services

Some furniture removal companies include everything in their quotes. Others break down the quotes to indicate what portion is for collection, delivery, packing/unpacking, storage, cleaning, and more. Be sure to find out how the quotes are structured and what each includes when comparing quotes.

Where to Get an Accurate Quote

Get in touch with our team of removal experts to get started. We offer both short- and long-distance moves, and can move household items, boats, vehicles, pets, plants, office equipment, and antiques.

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