Furniture Removals Companies Johannesburg

Furniture Removals Companies Johannesburg

Elliott Mobility Furniture Removals Companies Johannesburg

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Why Use a Furniture Removal Company in Johannesburg Instead of Doing It Alone?

Johannesburg is a big city, and navigating your way can get confusing at times. If you are moving to or from Johannesburg, it is best to find companies experienced in furniture removals. They know all the best routes to use for fast and safe furniture removals.

Moving furniture is never easy. The biggest mistake is to try and do it alone, or with only the help of friends. Trailer rental may seem cheaper at first, but consider how many trips you will need to make. Also consider the risks involved, such as trailer problems, theft, damage to goods if it rains, and more. In addition, think about the time it takes and how much you pay for the trailer rental at the end of the day. Then consider the risk of damage to furniture when you unload at your new home in Johannesburg. Can you carry heavy items without risking your health? Rather spend a bit now than buckets later on hospital costs for an unnecessary accident.

Furniture Removal Companies vs DIY Removals

Movers are trained to move furniture without being injured or causing damage to the objects they move. Better yet, let them do the hard work and take on the risk of injury, rather than your family or friends.

Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Moving can take forever. Companies doing furniture removals in Johannesburg know this. They make a living from moving everything from furniture, plants, and electronics, to antiques, artworks, and office equipment. To them, moving is a way of living. They are professionals and have streamlined processes. To you, it is a hassle and precious work time wasted.

Do you know how to dismantle furniture? Do you have the tools for it? Experienced teams handle furniture removals daily, and have the equipment for lifting, dismantling, and assembling.

Tips on Choosing the Best Furniture Removal Company in Johannesburg

You are entrusting all your belongings to strangers. Make sure that you pick the right strangers for the job. Do not just take the first company you come across. Call their office and see if you like how they communicate with you. Look for ratings and reviews of the company.

If you make use of our services for furniture removals in Johannesburg, we will send an experienced consultant to your home to conduct a full assessment of what needs to be packed, moved, stored, transported, delivered, and unpacked according to your requirements. The assessment is free of charge and ensures that you get an accurate quote for furniture removal.

Make sure that you communicate properly. The company might give you a smaller quote if you do not mention everything, like the location of the move and everything that needs to be moved. However, if they get to your house and you have more things to move than you said, it might result in an increase in the bill. Avoid surprises by making sure that you provide all the necessary information.

Check your inventory. When the move is done, and you have to sign off on it, make sure that everything is there. If a box is still on the truck that the moving team might have missed, they will not know whose it is later, if you do not tell them. Remember they work with more than one client a day. Fortunately, when you use our services for furniture removals in Johannesburg, you can be assured that we also check the inventory to ensure the safe delivery of all your belongings.

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