The Demand for Furniture Removals in Durban is Growing

Traditionally, KwaZulu Natal’s largest city has been the destination for Gauteng families wishing to enjoy a holiday by the sea. The province’s golden sands, sub-tropical climate and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean have also turned many of the smaller towns along the East Coast into havens for both local and overseas visitors. While the region’s employment opportunities are relatively limited, being centred mainly around the hospitality industry, the growth of remote working is changing that. With the help of furniture removals firms in Durban, it is now possible to still receive lucrative Johannesburg salaries while enjoying the sea air in this colourful coastal city.

In addition to new arrivals, some of the city’s long-term business owners have been reevaluating their options in the wake of the recent unrest. Many who experienced stock losses and damage to their premises due to rioting are now seeking new opportunities in countries overseas. Some are simply selling up to raise the cash to start over, while others are negotiating mergers or acquisitions that will give them the option to relocate. Whatever the chosen route, many furniture removals in Durban have the facilities to provide professional assistance with their international move. 

International Relocation from Durban

Given that the city’s port is the largest shipping terminal on the African continent, sea freight is the most convenient means for those living in the region to transfer their belongings overseas. Furthermore, it is also the cheapest. On the downside, the sea voyage can take weeks. The arrival port could be distant from the final destination, adding further to the time spent in transit. Suppose you are prepared to pay a little more and have only a few smaller items to move. In that case, most furniture removals firms in Durban should be able to arrange for it to be shipped from the city’s nearby international airport. Though more expensive, the airborne route might be the most practical option for someone on a tight deadline to start a new job.

Moving Overseas Is About More than Furniture Removal

International relocation is inherently more complex than a local move, regardless of whether your goods will be travelling by sea or air. Renewing a passport and applying for visas is relatively straightforward. However, only an experienced agent can handle the administration and red tape associated with permit applications and customs clearance. You should bear this in mind when arranging furniture removals in Durban.

Whatever your planned destination or the purpose of your move, the relocation process is an exercise in logistics. Each stage of the relocation has its unique requirements and must be integrated into a plan that will ensure the safe transit and timely delivery of your valued possessions. Planning is, of course, the first step and will necessitate beginning well before your intended departure date. A reputable mover will conduct a preliminary survey on your premises to identify the items to be moved and any that might require special handling before preparing a detailed quotation. While furniture removals companies in Durban may provide packaging for DIY use, this option could affect your insurance cover. Consequently, it might be wiser to leave that task to the experts.

Certain items, such as beds, may need to be disassembled for ease of transportation. Also, any electrical appliances, like dishwashers, washing machines and ovens, will need to be safely disconnected. Any dismantled and disconnected items will need to be reassembled and reconnected on arrival at the destination. Assistance with these activities from an experienced mover can be invaluable and should be part of the service when dealing with a quality furniture removals firm in Durban.

Using a Furniture Removals Company for an Office Relocation

A home move can be complicated and stressful enough, so imagine the hassles that might be involved when moving a business. Relocating an office is not just about packing desks, chairs and computers into a van and ferrying them across town. For a business, time is money and hours lost mean less revenue. An office relocation is a task for a specialised furniture removals company in Durban and calls for precise planning and timing to ensure minimal disruption. In such cases, the mover must make every effort to ensure the new premises are up and running so that, when the employees arrive, they can resume their business immediately. 

For Excellence in Furniture Removals – Choose Elliott

While office moves are among the more challenging tasks for a company, it is one that Elliott has honed to perfection. We are also an established leader in local and international relocations and can handle your furniture relocation to or from Durban with efficiency and professionalism. Contact us to learn more about the many services that distinguish Elliott from other furniture removals firms in Durban or request a quote online.