Furniture Removals Johannesburg

Tips for Easier Furniture Removals in Johannesburg

Much of moving entails figuring out how to move huge and awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture. You risk breaking or damaging the pieces or even sustaining injuries in the process. If you plan to use a furniture-removals company in Johannesburg, you avoid these risks. However, if you want to do it yourself, you might want to read a few tips before moving the items in your apartment to another abode in the city.

4 Tips on Furniture Removals

You would have to ask friends and family staying in Johannesburg to assist. Moving just a couch is a 2-person job; imagine moving a large wooden bed, fridge, and pool table all on your own. It is impossible, and the first thing you need to do is get help. Follow these tips for the best results for furniture removals:

1. Carrying Awkward Items

Sometimes it is not about the weight of the item, but the shape. Where do you hold it? If you want to carry a tall fridge, tilt it so one person can hold the top and another can hold the bottom. This will help to balance it out and the item will not block your vision. Make a sturdy sling for moving a heavy mattress; it will provide a place to hold the item in a stable position.

2. Make It Smaller

If it is possible to dismantle or disassemble an item without damaging it, do it. It will make it much easier to carry and get through doors. In addition, it will make the item lighter to carry, which in turn, will help to reduce the risk of injury. Just make sure you know how to reassemble it before taking it apart.

3. Protection Is Necessary

If you do not have the strength to carry something, get equipment to make the job easier. Do not drag or push items if it could damage them – or the floor. You can buy slides to slide heavy couches all the way across the floor. Remember to use bubble wrap, cardboard, plastic wrap, and any other necessary materials to keep the items from being damaged.

4. The Best Tip

If you are moving from Johannesburg, find a furniture removals company and skip out on all the hard work.  We are experienced in handling both small and large furniture removals in Johannesburg. Our team knows how to lift and carry heavy items to prevent damage and injuries. They follow proven methods for getting large items through small entrances and have the equipment to ensure easier furniture removals, whether in Johannesburg, Pretoria, or nationwide.