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Furniture Removals Pretoria


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Useful Guidelines for Office Furniture Removals in Pretoria

Moving house and moving office are two very different processes, but in the end, they both require the same amount of preparation. The better you plan, the less money you will spend on furniture removals in Pretoria. If you evaluate the move properly, you can prevent the stress that comes from being unprepared.

Tips to Help Plan Office Furniture Removals

The dates, times, access, distance, and budget are important factors in a move, whether your office is moving from Pretoria to Johannesburg, or just to the building next door. You need to have a good idea of the size and shape of your new office before commencing with the search for providers of furniture removals in Pretoria. Below are some tips to help with your next office relocation:

Will All Your Furniture Fit?

Sometimes, people misjudge the size of a new office or house. This is because new environments can be overwhelming and at first, we only take in the aesthetics of a place. With that in mind, measure out the rooms and space of the office to ensure that your furniture and equipment will fit. Take note of any hallways, stairs, and small doorways. It doesn’t matter if the office is big enough inside if the items can’t fit through the door.

Where Will Everything Be Placed?

Draw a floor plan by hand or on your computer to properly plan out where you want everyone stationed and everything placed. This will come in handy on moving day. You can give a copy to the movers and all participating employees. This will inform them where to take all your furniture and the best route to get there.

The Top-Secret Cabinet

Something most business people are concerned about during a move is the safety of files, folders, and hard drives. If you decide on an area for these important items beforehand, you can set up security measures to ensure that none of these go missing, get damaged, or end up in the wrong hands. It is also vital to have a backup of data files in case something goes wrong during the office relocation.

Storage Near the Office

Ask the furniture removals company about storage options in Pretoria (close to your new office address). If you need to get rid of some furniture and equipment, it is best to have storage close by. This way, if you want to use a certain piece of equipment, it isn’t impossible to do so. You also save the hassle of having to buy more furniture next time you have a bigger office.


If you have several employees, it might be more convenient to make use of them instead of an outside party or at least for the non-heavy lifting part of the relocation. Assign tasks to everyone and use checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything. With proper preparation and our help with furniture removals in Pretoria, you’ll be relocated to your new workspace in no time.

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