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Things You Need to Know Before Moving from Pretoria to Nigeria

Before contacting companies doing furniture removals in Pretoria to places such as Lagos or Abuja, you might want to learn a bit more about living in Nigeria. This will help you make an informed decision regarding where to rent a house, what to expect regarding climate, the safety of specific regions, and schools. Here is information that can be useful in making an informed decision regarding where to stay in the country

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the country is rather high. Nigeria is ranked as one of the most expensive countries to live in. To maintain the same or similar living standard as in Pretoria East, you can expect to pay more. House rental prices are high and so are prices for food and imported goods. Local commodities such as beer and fuel are quite affordable and you can expect to save on the salary of your domestic worker. You can also expect to pay reasonable rates for utilities, though power and water supply interruptions are common, even in cities such as Abuja and Lagos. Poverty is widespread in Nigeria, with many people living under the breadline, so you can expect to see a wide gap between the more affluent and disadvantaged people of the country. Moving to Nigeria from South Africa can be a huge challenge and for this reason, it is recommended that you make use of our expertise in furniture removals and relocation to African countries.

Most Popular Cities

Most people moving to the country choose to move to one of the economic hubs in the southern coastal parts of the country. The Free Trade Zones are very popular for foreign residents and feature contract employee compounds that are quite safe. Lagos is also very popular for relocation. It is a city with a huge population, with over 21 million people in its greater metropolitan region. You will find the headquarters of financial institutions and large corporations to be situated mostly in Lagos. It also boasts a very busy international airport and three ports, as well as many embassies and consulates. Upon first arrival in Lagos, you will need accommodation until you have moved into your rental abode of choice. Accommodation suitable for expats can be found in suburbs such as Apapa, Victoria Island, Ikeja, and Ikoyi. These regions are safer and not as densely populated as many other areas in the city.

Port Harcourt is another destination, mostly for people who have found employment or are working on contract in the oil production industry. Port Harcourt is where most of the refineries are located. The downside is that the city has a distinctly industrial feel and is overpopulated. The infrastructure can simply not handle the large population and the city is polluted. It is also a dangerous city, known for gang rivalries. If you move to Port Harcourt, it will be best to stay in one of the employee compounds, but if you can, rather stay in one of the other cities in Nigeria.

Abuja is Nigeria’s capital and political centre. The southern part favours Christianity, with the northern part being mostly Muslim. Indeed, Abuja, being located in the centre of the country, forms the central point of the northern Muslim-oriented part of the country and the southern Christian part. There are construction projects around the foreign embassies in the city, but other than that, not a lot of employment or business opportunities for foreigners. Large communities of expats live in Nigeria from countries such as Britain, Greece, Japan, and China. As such, many languages – more than 450 – are spoken in the country, mostly local dialects. English is the official language, but people in the rural areas are not always fluent in the language. However, English is well understood in the larger cities.

How to Make Moving and Living in Nigeria Easier

As an experienced furniture removals firm in Africa, we offer an extensive range of services, ranging from assistance in finding housing to signing lease agreements, and transporting your vehicles to places such Lagos from Pretoria, to assistance in relocating your pets. We recommend reviewing our full range of services, as this will give you an idea of why we are one of the preferred furniture-moving companies for relocation from Pretoria to other cities on the African continent.