Furniture Storage Services

How to Choose Furniture Storage Services in South Africa

Though the Internet is full of ads for furniture storage services, whenever you call, there is a waiting list. In addition, the terms and conditions are often obscure. You get ads stating one month free and when you call, the advertiser states that the free month is the 13th one. The problem is that you only need storage facilities for three months. In other cases, you visit the premises just to be shocked by the lack of security. Then there are the advertisers that advertise cut-price monthly rates, but then it turns out that the units are the size of your walk-in closet.

Determine Your Storage Requirements

Like with any other service or product, you need to first consider your particular needs. Make a list of the items that must go into storage. Count the boxes or crates after having done the packing. Place all the boxes in one room, as if you were placing the boxes in storage. Now measure the space taken up. Next, consider the loose items and furniture pieces. How will you stack the items? Once you have an idea of the space needed, add another 10% of space for walking.

Once you have determined the space requirements for your household goods, consider the location. Do you want to make use of furniture storage services as close as possible to your new home or do you want to store the furniture until you have located a suitable home to buy or rent? Perhaps you only need storage space because your house is in the market and you want to remove the clutter for the period of showing the home. In this instance, you will want to use furniture storage services close to home.

You have the size and the location figured out. Next is the question of how to get the furniture and crates or boxes to the storage unit. Here you will benefit from making use of a company that offers furniture removal and storage services. In this way, you do not have to rent trailers and risk damaging the furniture that must be stored because the people who help you are not experienced in furniture removals. Once you have determined your requirements, make a list of providers of furniture storage services that can deliver the services and offer the space you need.

Compare the Services and Facilities

You want good security at the facilities. Is there CCTV monitoring? Is there a guard on duty? What is the access procedure? Are there sufficient lights on the premises to ensure safe access to your facility? Consider the types and sizes of units available. Perhaps you require a container or maybe you need a dust-free environment for your prized carpets. The unit sizes must be appropriate for the items to be stored. Compare which providers of furniture storage services can assist with the furniture removal as well. Finally, consider price and how payment works.

Only once you have done all the above, will you realise why so many people already make use of our affordable and professional furniture storage services. Our units, facilities, and services meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and requirements.