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Red Flags to Avoid When You Get an Online Furniture Removal Quote

Are you seriously thinking of hiring those three men with a truck you found on Gumtree to help you move your life possessions from Durban to Cape Town? The price is a steal, the driver and his two muscles talk the talk, and his truck also looks secure on his online advertisement. The driver says his vehicle has a tracking device but swears he has never had a breakdown or theft issue with any other customer. He even convinces you that you do not need insurance. After all, it is not like they are driving through the Congo, right?


Moving Scams on the Rise

As the leading home and office furniture removal company in South Africa, moving hundreds of families and businesses locally and abroad each month, we are no strangers to the increase in home and office moving scams. Picking up from the 2008 property slump, 2020 witnessed resurgence. Interest rates are the lowest in 50 years, placing SA in both a buyer-and-sellers’ market. So much so, many families and retirees are moving from city-lifestyle-living to secure, gated estates.

There is also a trend in businesses moving away from high city rentals to more affordable office block parks and large houses with semi-detachments to turn into workspace environments. A flourishing property market coupled with remote working policies is leading to an increase in furniture removal services. Moving home or office is an overwhelming experience. It is so physically and emotionally taxing that people hire moving companies to sidestep the packing, carrying, loading, driving, offloading, and unpacking. However, the property resurgence attracts much attention from fly-by-night operators looking to scam innocent families and businesses.

There is an enormous difference between rogue moving operators and credible, licensed movers. Fraudulent movers threaten the industry, often hiding behind a fancy smartphone and a stolen or hired truck. Before you hire the company with the lowest furniture removal quote, do due diligence. For instance, find out how long they have been in business and if they have a licence to move. Also, get several legitimate references and not fake-written reviews on their website. To avoid becoming another victim of a moving scam, pay attention to these red flags.


  • Fake Websites and Referrals—the most prominent red flag is the website. Criminals set up fake websites offering drop-dead low moving rates that are hard to refuse. They also provide a list of referrals that are far from the real thing. To eliminate all risks, make sure their website displays their physical address, certifications and get at least three or more referrals with contact names and numbers. If they cannot meet your requirements, run like the wind.


  • Deposit—Most service providers request a small deposit and nothing more. If the mover demands a 50% deposit or full payment before the move—and in cash, this is your cue to walk away. Professionals will never ask for payment upfront, and they never ask you to bring a briefcase of liquid cash. By now, you should have watched enough CSI or Law & Order to know that this is criminal behaviour. To avoid risk, pay online into the company’s name.
  • Quote—Anyone can visit one of those sites that spin out a couple of comparison quotes, but they are not transparent. Moving home or office is a massive project that requires a complete breakdown. A lot like a website or a root canal quote, there is no such thing as a cheap online furniture removal quote. A moving company quote without a detailed breakdown of the contents or weight in cubic metres is a cost estimate and will not provide a ballpark figure. Avoid cheap online quotes that lure you with trickery and comparison websites.
  • Transport—Just like hiring a vehicle, boat, or holiday home, what you pay for is what you get. If a guy with an old lorry arrives to collect your investment, prepare for the worst. An established office furniture removal company recognises the threats they face while travelling with valuables. Expert movers have a fleet of branded trucks with vehicle GPS systems, anti-smash glass, and satellite tracking devices. They also provide insurance. Experts can’t guarantee safety on the roads. However, if something were to happen to your investment, their insurance covers your valuables.

Moving home or office is a full-on project that requires proper planning, coordination, and execution. However, office furniture removal companies are a dime a dozen and signing off on the first quote you get will cost you. Here’s where things often go wrong. They take your deposit, and you never see them again. Similarly, they take your deposit, collect your valuables, and you never see your goods again. Or, they pick up your furnishings, the vehicle breaks down, or they experience a hijacking along the way.

South Africa is a red zone for criminals, and while the game remains the same, the tactics, trucks and faces change. Hiring professionals to take care of your local, national or international move is the safest bet for a stress-free experience. However, it is essential to do your due diligence and get a transparent furniture removal quote that lays out every expense from labour to coordination to execution. As mentioned above, an online quote from a comparison website will not give you a ballpark figure. To ensure you get transparency, the quote or cost estimate must list the following:

Packing Materials and Moving Equipment

Moving home or office is a full-scale job with rates varying from one company to the next. Some movers only collect and deliver while others provide a full-moving package—from packing, pickup, storage, delivery and installation. In most cases, especially workplace relocations, furnishings demand specialised equipment to lift without damaging items. As a result, the quote will include boxes, packing tape, and the use of specialist tools and equipment like hoisters.

Location and Volume

Many factors play into the total cost, but foremost is location. For instance, if you’re moving locally, a professional moving company will probably charge by the hour. However, if you are moving nationally from Sandton to Cape Town or internationally from Durban to Canada, volume, distance, vehicle rental, and additional labour costs determine your costs.

Insurance and Sub-Contractors

Professional movers have more than one job. They collect and deliver, but they must also get your valuables from A to B without delays or damage. Often, things go swimmingly, but the risks remain. As a result, your quote must specify the type of insurance coverage the mover will provide. For instance, is it limited, third-party or full cover? Furthermore, ensure the quote breakdown includes any sub-contractors like hoisters, storage, engineers, plumbers or electricians.

Packing your life into boxes and entrusting it to strangers is not something to take lightly. At Elliott Mobility, we move hundreds of families and businesses locally, nationally and internationally each month. Years of experience coupled with our national footprint and large fleet of vans makes us the most credible furniture removal company in South Africa to get the job done. Before you commit to a scammer or amateur, get a furniture removal quote at Elliott.