Get Expert Help with Furniture Removals in Pretoria

Get Expert Help with Furniture Removals in Pretoria

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Avoid Amateurs and Get Expert Help with Furniture Removals in Pretoriaand South Africa

Moving into a new apartment or home in Pretoria, or are you downsizing and looking for a bigger space to jump onto the remote working bandwagon? As South Africa struggles to free itself from corruption, load-shedding, BEEEE, high crime, and an increase in living expenses, coupled with a sinking economy, South Africans are leaving the country or moving to gated estates in safer suburbs.

If you’re making the smart move to a safer suburb or moving your office to better, safer, and more affordable premises, you’re going to need to get expert help with furniture removals. However, finding a home and office furniture removal company in Pretoria is a lot more complex than you think. Because moving is stressful enough without having your stuff arriving damaged — or not arrive at all, here are some tips that will help you get the best furniture removals in Pretoria—and South Africa.

Research and Select Only Credible Movers

You only have to hit up Google to find hundreds of local, national and international movers—but only a handful are credible. We have all heard the many horror stories of how a friend-of-a-friend hired a mover found on some ‘reputable’ site, which turned into an expensive nightmare. Cash-strapped and desperate to save money, they hired a clean-cut guy with a truck and a couple of muscles. Their rates were unbelievably cheap—which should have signalled red flags, and the driver spoke as if he had been moving homes for decades. He even convinced the client that insurance is unnecessary. The moving company loads everything onto the truck and drives off—never seen again, or the client gets their delivery, only damaged. The above scenarios will never happen with credible expert movers.

Scrutinise Online Reputation and Reviews

All furniture removal companies swear their services are better than their competitors. But promises mean nothing—especially with your heirlooms, art, contemporary furniture, glassware, and valuables at stake. To get experts and not amateurs, you must take the time to research at least three removal companies—and make sure they have a website. An online presence gives credibility, and it will have a list of reviews. However, be careful of fake reviews as it is common for companies to list only positive reviews on their site, leaving out the negative. To ensure you get the truth and nothing but the truth, request names and numbers of clients to verify their reviews. If the company has nothing to hide, they will have no problem giving you all the information required to satisfy your needs.

Licensing, Fleet Security and Insurance

Would you let an inexperienced driver with no license transport your investment from A to B? Well, it is the same for movers. Trusting your lifelong belongings or your business investment with just any moving company is not something to take lightly. Firstly, Pretoria and Johannesburg are red zones for criminals—from hijacking to robbery. Secondly, not all moving companies are equal, so be sure to ask as many questions as you like. For instance, find out how long the moving company has been in business, as movers with experience can bring valuable insight to the table. Does the company hold the proper industry-specific ISO and FIDI-FAIM certifications, and do they have the right fleet with security? Expert home or office furniture movers recognise the threats they face on the road. Security is essential, and an expert mover will have insurance and GPS, anti-smash glass and tracking devices, giving moving clients peace of mind.

The Right Boxes, Tools and Equipment to Pack, Load and Reinstall

Whether you’re moving your office or home, relocations are a full-on project that requires proper planning, coordination, and execution. Moving is a job that demands dismantling, packing, transportation, loading, storing, delivery and reinstalling. The movers will require professional employees trained to handle items with care. They should provide the right boxes, tape, tools, equipment and hoisters to lift heavy furniture or equipment. Besides the above, they work with sub-contractors like engineers and electricians that install lights, equipment and appliances.

Get Transparent Cost Estimateswith Zero Hidden Costs

Most furniture removal companies base their rates on weight, volume, valuables, distance, and the hire of sub-contractors and equipment, which means rates differ. Do not get cost estimates from marketing websites that promise the “best quotes” from different companies. Instead, contact the removal company directly to get a transparent cost estimate outlining every step of the plan.

The last thing you need is to owe money, so read the small print and ensure that the cost estimate outlines include everything, from collection to installation. The rates must be transparent with any add-on charges or additional fees that may occur during the move. Also, keep an eye out for red flags. For instance, cost estimates are FREE. A credible expert mover will not think about charging for a cost estimate, and neither will they request a deposit before the move. Likewise, before signing the dotted line, enquire about postponement and cancellation.

Expert Movers Provide the Tools, Know-How and Labour Force

Moving home and office are two of the most stressful ventures to endure—with many risks involved. However, the above tips will help you find the right expert removal company to move your investment safely and affordably. We know this because we are one of the leading furniture removal companies in Pretoria and South Africa, picking up the pieces of many clients caught out by fly-by-night amateurs. That is why partnering with expert movers that provide the tools, know-how, and labour force to get the job done, on time and without a hitch is worth every cent.

Why Hire Elliott International

At Elliott, not only do we specialise in a local home and office removal project management, but we move hundreds of South African professionals and families each month to countries like Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. As a leading national and international moving company with a country-wide network, we assign each relocation project to a professional and experienced project manager to create and execute a seamless, stress-free move.

Besides the above, not only are we licensed with FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) and FAIM, but we put our licensed drivers and loaders through vigorous training on packing, dissembling, loading, storage, and assembling. We use only the best quality boxes and moving equipment and tools to complete the project quickly and efficiently. Further, our fleet is well-prepared for road crime, with top vehicle security in place. To get expert help with furniture removals or a free furniture removal cost estimate, chat with one of our project managers.

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