Don’t Move Without Help from a Removal Company

Don’t Move Without Help from a Removal Company

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Some things are better when you don’t do them alone, as anyone who has moved on their own even once can tell you! Moving is best done with help from a removal company, simply because it’s not just a volumetric thing. Put differently, it’s easy to look at your stuff and figure it should all fit in the boot (or on the roof rack) of your car with half a dozen trips, but that appraisal omits some key issues. How are you going to fasten and secure all your bits and pieces? How are you going to manhandle the heavy items to your car, and lift them onto the roof for that matter? Sure, help from friends can go a long way on that issue, but there’s more. How much planning have you put into your pending move, and are you sure you’ve covered every practical need in the plan?

What condition do you want your goods to be in when you get to the other side? Without exception, consumers will answer, “Preferably better than before!” Jokes aside, it’s a huge consideration, because when you get to tipping appliances over and trying to load and position them properly without damaging them, that’s when you might realise with regret that you’re going to lose value in this exercise. It’s an unnecessary scenario, because moving with help from a removal company, firstly, won’t cost as much as you think it will, and, secondly, will transform what can be a laborious and depressing experience into a joyful day.


Why Get Help from a Removal Company?

Would you rather be struggling to carry your heavy appliances or positioning large furniture pieces at your new place? Smart consumers get it done with help from a removal company because they understand it’s the most cost-effective route to the assurance of success. “Success” when moving might mean different things for different people, but there are some aspects everyone shares. You want your goods securely packaged and labelled. You want the coordination between your departure and arrival at the new place to be facilitated by the vehicle(s) and people involved in the move, and you want to know that your goods will arrive on the other side without damage or loss. Those tend to be standard requirements of every move. The only way to ensure you don’t encounter any nasty surprises on the day is to enlist help from a removal company.

Consumers in South Africa must realise two important things about removal services. Firstly, they’re far more competitively priced than consumers imagine them to be because while the service offering has expanded dramatically in the industry’s top echelons, the price has experienced the same downward pressure as other services. In other words, you get much more today for the price than ever before. Secondly, there are professional movers, and the rest. Professional movers do relocations and removals every day, have a visible fluidity to their approach and processes, and are transparent in their quotes. Pro movers leave you in no doubt about benefits and charges, something that goes a long way towards putting your mind at ease. Therefore, if you find yourself wondering whether you can trust the movers you’re about to appoint, then don’t. Professional movers’ expertise and commitment are evident, even at a glance.


Elliott is the Best Help from a Removal Company South Africans Can Get

Elliott has been moving South Africans for decades, and we’re leaders in our industry. So much so that we enjoy international standing and have global ties that enable us to move people overseas with confidence. Here’s the best part - for all of our professional expertise and great service, we charge very competitive prices. The Elliott name has become synonymous with professional moving in the country because we provide great service, several services, in fact, at a fair price.

We’ve journeyed, literally and figuratively, with South African consumers for decades, and it’s allowed us to meet them on price and service in a way few other companies can. Elliott is adamant that no one should move without help from a removal company because we’ve made our services quick, effective and affordable. Call on Elliot first and cut straight through to the best deal around. We’ll assist you in planning your move and its costs, and we’ll show you what professional service at an affordable rate really looks like.

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