Home and Office Removal Solution

A Comprehensive Home and Office Removal Solution

It is often said that moving is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through. If you consider all the planning and decisions involved, the variables, the change, all the challenges, and the risks of what can go wrong, this is not surprising. Relocating a business is especially taxing, as a wrong move could lead to extended interruptions which come with the added threat of income loss. With over 65 years in the industry, Elliott Mobility understands these stresses better than most. At the same time, this experience has also enabled us to provide our clients with a comprehensive and stress-free home and office removal solution.

Whether you are looking for a global or local home and office removal solution, we should be your first and only choice for a moving partner. our extensive expertise, resources, and partner network allow us to offer a wide range of services to address each and every aspect of your move. Our thorough attention to detail takes the stress out of planning, and the care we take ensures your possessions are always in great hands.

Whatever home and office removal solution you are looking for, Elliott Mobility can assist:

National and International Moving

Whether you are looking for a home and office removal solution between cities in South Africa or abroad, we can assist with an all-encompassing service. From planning and budgeting, to creating checklists, packing, transportation, and unloading – even assistance with finding the right home and locating quality schools in the neighbourhood – we cover it all.


Office Moving

Considering all the variables, challenges, and risks involved, there is a huge difference between the optimal home and office removal solution. To accommodate the special requirements related to relocating a business, we have a specialist team available to assist organisations with corporate space planning, planning their move, packing up the office, moving furniture and equipment, reassembling furniture and unpacking workstations, and relocating IT systems safely and securely.

Fine Art Relocation

If you own fine art, you would know how important it is to transport this art safely, and how much effort this requires. You should only trust an art relocation expert with this. We have a specialist division that is dedicated to offering a range of world-class fine art relocation services. Their expertise includes state-of-the-art packing, transportation, shipping, and installation across Southern Africa and the world.


Vehicle Transport

We offer an outsourced road freighting service in Southern Africa, as well as safe and secure sea freighting for global relocations. You can choose whether you want to collect your vehicle from one of our many centrally located depots or whether you want your car delivered to your new home, waiting there for you with your household content when you arrive.

Are you looking for more than just a home and office removal solution? No problem. Once again, Elliott Mobility delivers:

People Relocation

In addition to the logistics of moving, we support South African and multinational corporations and their employees with a range of destination services in South Africa. This includes, but is not limited to, pre-assignment planning and budgeting, finding schools, and helping with settling into their new community.

Pet Relocations

What about pets? If you have any, you certainly do not want to leave them behind. Our specialist pet travel partners will assist with all the travel arrangements for your pet, such as flights, import or export licenses, quarantine arrangements, custom-made travel containers, kennel services, and more.

Do your home and office removal also require a storage solution in the mix? Still no problem. We are your one-stop relocation partner.

Storage Solutions

You may require temporary storage for some of your items during your relocation process. Whether it is household goods, a prized painting, precious carpets, fragile pot plants, a vintage car, or even a boat, we offer specialised storage options to meet your requirements.

With such a comprehensive service offering, we are the ideal choice, regardless of which home and office removal solution you are looking for. With a demonstrable history of successful relocations for both individuals and corporations, you know you can trust us with your prized possessions. Take the stress out of moving. Contact us today for a custom quote.