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Home Furniture Removals

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Avoid Mistakes with Your Home’s Furniture Removals

Moving house is a traumatic experience by any standard, regardless of the number of times you have moved in your lifetime. Indeed, moving from one town to another within a year’s space can even be more problematic, as you may still have a few items in storage to consider. To help make the move smoother, we share a few mistakes to avoid with home furniture removals.

 1. Not Doing Your Homework When Choosing the Right Mover

Not all companies are ethical and most certainly not all movers have experience in every type of move. Make sure that you review the history of the moving companies, and ask about their quote systems, availability of trucks, storage facilities, timetables, and guarantees before selecting the company of choice. We should be high on your list of options, as we have an international footprint, a long history of home furniture removals, and the resources required to ensure a smooth move. In addition, we offer expert consultancy, packing, and moving assistance. We even send a consultant to your house to do a proper assessment free of charge.

2. Getting Stuck on Packing

Indeed, it is possible to become so involved in the packing process that you end up packing, repacking, and packing again. A process that should take a week becomes a three- to six-month endeavour. If you want to save time, ask our professionals to help with the packing.

3. Spending a Fortune on Packing

Don’t go overboard with labels and tape. You also don’t need plastic crates for all your items. Ask us about bubble wrap, packing paper, and a few tips and tricks, rather than spending more on the packing than the home furniture removals.

4. Not Considering the Weight of Items When Packing the Boxes

Unless you expect a superhero to lift the heavy boxes, rather pack your boxes lighter. You have to move the packed boxes around and thus risk injury and damage in doing so. In addition, even with professional movers, heavy boxes can break, leaving you with broken valuables. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter ones in larger boxes. You can have more light items in large boxes and fewer heavy ones in smaller ones.

5. Not Taking Measurements

A common mistake with home furniture removals is that of incorrect estimates. Don’t guess – measure! Take measurements of doorways and stairs at your current and new house if possible. Ask our consultants about measurements to ensure that your belongings can fit through the entrances.

6. Packing Hazardous Items for Moving with the Trucks

Keep in mind that by law, certain products cannot be transported by the movers. Talk to us about your list of hazardous materials and avoid having to find out at the last minute that some of the items in your garage must stay behind because you forgot to make special arrangements for transportation.

7. Not Marking Boxes

Even if you do last-minute packing, make sure that all the boxes are properly marked. This makes it easier for the movers and certainly helps you to find items when at your new house. Indeed, nothing can be more frustrating with home furniture removals than to guess where which boxes must go, how many there are, and what each one contains. Do you really want to open 20 boxes to find your heirloom salad bowl? How do you know which boxes have breakables and how do you know whether boxes are missing if you do not mark them properly?

8. Allowing Children and Animals to Roam Around the Moving Area

Apart from the risk of injury to your children and animals, it is difficult to do home furniture removals if the kids and pets are playing in the area of moving. If possible, arrange for your children to be at a family member’s house and your animals to be in a safe area far from all the hustle and bustle. Boarding the pets for a day may even be a good idea. It is for their protection and to help reduce the time it takes to complete the move.

Armed with the above tips, you are already one step closer to a hassle-free move. Give us a call for quotes and assistance with home furniture removals in South Africa.

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