Furniture Removal: How to Box Up your Kitchen and Glassware

There is an age-old saying: “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. This saying has stood strong for many generations and has motivated many people to take things into their own hands. It is important to note, however, that this saying probably originated in a time when professional and industry standards were low, and people had to rely more on their own wit and grit to get things done. Nowadays, there are many standards and practices that companies abide by (often by law), which protect not only their prospective clients and customers but the companies themselves.

When it comes to furniture removal, you can trust Elliott to box up your kitchen (and do an excellent job), because we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We understand that you may still choose to box up your kitchen and glassware yourself, so we have prepared this article to provide you with a few pointers.

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Box up your Kitchen Appliances and Glassware

Almost everything in your kitchen is fragile, from the appliances to the glassware. Even your seemingly indestructible pots and pans may become unusable if they sustain a little damage. That’s why it’s important to know exactly how to box up your kitchen appliances and glassware to ensure nothing breaks and that everything makes it to your destination in one piece and unscathed on furniture removal day. Read on for a few tips on how to box up your kitchen.

  • Before we tell you how to box up your kitchen (and other fragile goods), you need to know why glassware tends to break easily, especially during a seemingly careless move. As the name implies, glassware is made of glass, a brittle material that easily cracks and crumbles when exposed to extreme conditions like constant friction, high impacts (like falling or being crashed into by something else), and even fluctuating temperatures. The same is true for your porcelain collection and all your other fragile items.

  • Start by cleaning your kitchen goods properly and disassembling appliances and items that have assembled pieces and loose items. Make sure that you hold onto those loose items by packing them in a bag that can be sealed and label them carefully.

  • Once your belongings are clean and disassembled, carefully wrap the individual items in wrapping paper or bubble wrap before packing them in boxes. Do this with fragile belongings, as well as with pots and pans, and kitchen appliances to avoid them getting scratched on damaged in the process. Secure the wrapped paper or bubble wrap with packing tape before boxing them up.

  • Secure your items in place in appropriate boxes to prevent or mitigate friction (moving) and impact damage (falling). You can easily do this by using old crumpled up newspapers or bubble wrap to fill in all available space in a box that isn’t used for your fragile belongings. The less the items can move around in the box, the less likely it is to break.

  • To further reduce the likelihood of damage occurring to your fragile items like glassware and porcelain during furniture removal, avoid packing too many items in one box. You will need a generous amount of space for your fragile items and it’s better to use too many boxes than too little for this purpose. The more your precious belongings can rub together and move around, the more likely it is for them to get damaged.

Leave Furniture Removal to the Professionals

The best thing you can do for your belongings during furniture removal is to leave the packing and unpacking to the professionals (that’s us). Even though some items might have high sentimental or monetary value, they might still be better off in the hands of experienced movers who have been handling delicate items for many years and know how to get items to their new home safely and securely. At Elliott, we value our furniture removal expertise, and we know you will too. With ample experience in packing and handling precious belongings for moving day, we know to take extra special care when it comes to the items you care about, whether they are fragile or not.

You can trust Elliott with your furniture removal. From the moment you get your quote to the very last moment that we handle your belongings, we pride ourselves on delivering an expert and first-class service.