In Need of a Moving Company

If You’re in Need of a Moving Company, Read This First

If you’re planning a relocation in the coming few months, chances are that you’ll need the services of a professional moving company. Sure, you can try to make this happen by yourself, but if you don’t have a team of people by your side and a truck that’s ready for a full load, you may be taking on much more than you realise. There is already so much for you to take care of – from admin to new work arrangements, saying farewell to your friends and family, adjusting to a new community… the list goes on.

Additionally, many people underestimate all the services offered, and the amount of work that is done by a professional moving company. Choosing the right moving service will not only ensure that your possessions arrive at your destination safely, but will also take a huge load off your shoulders, and turn an otherwise potentially stressful event into a breeze for you and your family.

This promise of a hassle-free move does, however, come with a caveat. Not every moving company is in a position to provide you with this level of service. There are some moving companies whose services merely include the provision of a truck and a team of people who do the heavy lifting to load and unload your goods.

If you truly want value for your money, you need to choose a reliable moving company with the necessary experience, and make sure that they are clear about what services you require, and that these services are included in the rate they charge.

That sounds simple enough, right? But how do you find this ideal moving company? Here are some tips to help you eliminate the ones that don’t fit the bill, and select the one that was made to partner with you on your next move:


Start Early

Moving companies tend to be booked up well in advance. This is because most people usually move right at the beginning or end of the month. Also, a move cannot simply be rescheduled for another date. If you don’t act early enough, you risk the chance of losing out on the top-rated moving companies out there and will be forced to make use of what services are available, rather than which services meet your requirements. It also takes the pressure off you, making the run-up to the big day so much more manageable and relaxed.


Check for Experience

A proper moving service goes far beyond the transportation of your goods, so don’t be tempted by just anyone who happens to have a truck and now calls themselves a moving company. To execute a full move perfectly is a skill. If you’re going to hire a moving company, choose one that knows exactly what they’re doing so that their skills and experience are part of the value you get for your money. The move will be faster, smoother, and with much less risk of unforeseen incidents.


Do They Provide a One-Size-Fits-All Quote or a Custom Quote?

Beware of moving companies who only provide a one-size-fits-all quote based on distance and number of boxes only. This typically means that the service they provide is limited and that any additional help or tasks that you require done will come at an additional premium rate. While an initial estimate can be a great indicator of the rates you can expect, a professional moving company should follow this up with a more in-depth quote that is based on the specific requirements of your move, and the related services you require.


Ask Whether They Own Their Own Fleet

This is often overlooked. A moving service that doesn’t own their own fleet may charge higher rates to cover rental costs, and thus also be dependent on another service provider to meet your dates. Additionally, the vehicles, in this case, are more than likely not fitted with special equipment, features, and tracking for the safety and security of your possessions.


At What Stage of the Move Do They Get Involved?

A quality moving company will be at your side from the planning phase already to make sure everything is covered, and that you don’t have to fret about anything as moving day draws near. This could include the provision of checklists to help you ensure everything is taken care of in a timely manner in the lead up to the day, so you can have complete peace of mind that there will be no last-minute surprises when you least want them.


Confirm Whether They Offer Packing Services

Packing your entire life into boxes is highly time-consuming and can be very stressful for some people. So, why not leave it to the professionals? A professional moving company will have a team of experienced packers that will make short work of wrapping and packing your possessions safely and securely. What’s more, they’ll more than likely also supply the boxes and required packing material. Another thing you don’t need to worry about!


Do You Require Any Specialist Services? Choose a Moving Company That Offers Them

If you have any special requirements that form part of your move, never simply assume that a moving company will have the capability to deliver these services. Think of things such as:

  • Pet relocation: You may need someone to take care of all your animal’s travel arrangements, including flights, import or export licenses, quarantine arrangements, custom-made travel containers, kennel services and everything in between.
  • Fine art relocation: An art or antique collection is a unique and irreplaceable asset that requires state-of-the-art packing, transportation, shipping, and installation by an experienced mover.
  • Vehicle transport: If you own multiple vehicles or a collection of vintage or investment vehicles, they will require special transport.


Don’t Forget About Storage

You may need a temporary place to store some of your possessions. This could be for a variety of reasons – maybe you’re relocating before you have a new home lined up, or your new home is not quite ready for you yet. Given today’s mobile world, it may even be that you don’t need all your possessions with you all the time. Whatever the reason, why make use of a third party and expose your possessions to more risk when you could be looking for a moving company that also offers safe and secure storage facilities?


Make Sure the Moving Company Has Proper Insurance

One of the main reasons you want to make use of a professional and experienced moving company is to minimise the risk of damage to your possessions. However, accidents can happen no matter how careful one is. Typically, your regular short-term insurance won’t cover your possessions during relocation. It’s thus vital to choose a moving company that offers reliable and sufficient insurance to protect you against any potential loss or damage.


Call Elliott Mobility

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