International Moving Companies in South Africa

International Moving Companies to Help Relocate Your Family from South Africa

Children can react to international moves in one of two ways. It can be a thrilling new adventure or a devastating departure. Not all kids show what’s on their mind in the same way. Emigrating from South Africa can make these feelings skyrocket. In a new country, with new people, new cultures, or maybe even different languages can frighten a child. We are one of the trusted moving companies in South Africa and with an international footprint, we can help you enjoy hassle-free relocation to another country.

Tips from Furniture Removal Companies to Help Your Kids Adjust

A familiar home can be a safe place for young ones, and leaving this nest may cause anxiety and outbursts. You need to reassure them every step of the way. Thus, international moving companies in South Africa such as us, are the best option to handle the relocation. This provides you with time for the extra childcare needed. Below are some tips to help your children settle into a new environment:

  • Hold onto some sentimental items.
  • Communicate in a way they can understand.
  • Give them the opportunity to make decisions.
  • Familiarise them with the idea of moving.
  • Stick to your usual routine.
  • Don’t stop talking to old friends and family.
  • Spend some time together.

Don’t Forget about the Past – Facilities Offered by Moving Companies

With an international move, it is likely that you will get rid of most of your furniture and items. As one of the leading international moving companies in South Africa, we offer storage facilities locally for items that you cannot take along now, but do not want to sell. It is also crucial to take at least a few things along to help your children adjust. This will be the key to making them feel at home in an unfamiliar setting. It is not a bad idea to let them video call grandparents, cousins, and old friends now and then. This will assure them that loved ones and friends have not forgotten them. It can also help to have someone other than their parents to talk to about all the new changes in their lives.

Everyone Should Have a Say

When communicating the fact that you are leaving the country, you may want to consider points that will appeal to a younger audience. Remember, your reasons for leaving might not matter to them as much as a fancy new pool or large house. Tell them about all the good points of their new neighbourhood. It is also a great idea to let them feel like they have a say in the family. Let them choose the paint for their new rooms. Give them the responsibility of sticking labels on boxes. Involve the kids so that they feel it is their choice to move as much as it is yours.

Make It Sound Exciting

If your youngsters have had the luxury of staying in one place their entire lives, they may need a little extra explanation of how international moving works. Although many companies in South Africa can assist with the relocation, only a few, such as us, can assist with country guides to help you become familiar with the essentials of the country where you will stay. This will give you the necessary information to share with your children.

You can also purchase a book or rent a DVD about a character facing a move to help explain the process. This will also be a good way for them to understand that sometimes parents have to make difficult decisions about where to stay. International moving from South Africa is stressful enough for an adult, and it is even more so for the tiny humans.

Change in Moderation

There is nothing as exciting about change as a brand new house – just don’t get too carried away. Remember that if you move from South Africa, there will already be many changes in your lives. At least try to keep your routine as close as possible to normal. Try not to add a lot of rules and chores all at once. Let your family settle in first. Gradually change your routines.

Give Your Attention

With no one familiar, your kids will need a bit of extra love and care. They won’t have all the friends they are used to and it is possible that they will have less confidence in the beginning. Make a point to schedule family outings. With international moving companies in South Africa, such as Elliott Mobility, to handle the difficult part of the move, you can take care of the mental factors. Be creative, think like a child, and make sure your family has a marvellous relocation experience.