Looking for a Moving Company in Cape Town?

If you plan on moving to a new neighbourhood or are looking for storage options for your excess furniture in Cape Town, then you are most probably looking for services offered by a trusted moving company.

Cape Town is unlike any other city in South Africa. Moving from one suburb to another in Pretoria entails a maximum 50 km drive. If the task is handled by an experienced moving company, the trip from the one suburb to the other can be completed within 30 minutes. In Cape Town, it can take you three times that long and even longer with traffic. However, using the services of an experienced furniture removal company can help you to save costs and time.

A simple relocation to another area in the same city is not always that quick and easy. This is especially true for those with an abundance of belongings. With professional movers, the task is streamlined and certainly not as stressful as having to move your furniture though the use of hired trailers. If you choose to have the task handled by experienced movers, then you have already taken the first step towards a stress-free relocation. Below are a few tips to help make the relocation process even easier, also when you make use of an experienced moving company in Cape Town.

10 Moving Tips for Relocating in Cape Town

Regardless of whether you dare take on the challenge alone or with the assistance of expert movers, you could benefit from a couple of tips to do so. You do not need to use movers for everything, but all services offered can be beneficial to you. Alter the way you approach your next move and save time and money doing it. Below are the crucial points to an effective move:

  • By using a checklist, you can plan for the before, during, and after tasks of relocation.
  • Consider the budget available for the relocation task.
  • Inform all parties, who need to know that you are moving, about the location ahead of time as to avoid unwanted surprises.
  • Research all available services that movers offer to weigh the options better.
  • Do not attempt to do everything at the last minute unless you have no other choice in the matter.
  • Start collecting boxes and other packing materials, such as bubble wrap, rope, and mover’s paper early on, or arrange for obtaining the items from the moving company in Cape Town if you plan on packing the items.
  • Donate to non-profit organisations, gift to friends, or throw away the items that you do not use or can go without.
  • Finish the food in your fridge and freezer rather than buying fast-food dinners in the last week to make it easier to clean and have the appliances ready for removal.
  • Pack an overnight bag for every person in the house, as well as for the furry friends residing with you.
  • Get insurance for your valuables or ask the moving company about the options they have available for coverage related to relocation within Cape Town.


Packing with Purpose

Of course, the easiest option to quickly get all the items in the proper containers is by looking for a moving company in Cape Town to do it. Movers know exactly how to handle fragile, heavy, odd-shaped, or flimsy possessions. It significantly reduces the risk of damage to valuables and furniture if you make use of a professional moving company to help wrap and pack the items. However, not everyone feels like sitting back and watching others do the hard work, and so, you might need some guidance on how to do it.

Make sure you have the following items if you want to handle the packing process:

  • Permanent markers and highlighters
  • Box tape and rope
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap and other protective gear
  • Labels, preferably a few different colours
  • Boxes, crates, and plastic containers
  • Buckets, cloths, and cleaning supplies

Do it With Style

The first thing that comes to mind is the clothing needed for the first week in the new home. Here the problem lies with getting the best-suited container for fitting the items. However, if you have a dresser that is to be moved to the new home, you might as well leave it all in there for the move. If you find that it makes the furniture piece too heavy, you can always remove the drawers and wrap them up separately with the clothes still inside. For the hanging pieces, simply covering the clothing with plastic bags can save time and effort at the new house when unpacking. All you really need to fold and place into a container or suitcase is that which you will wear, during and directly after the move. Remember to add all the essential vanity supplies in an overnight suitcase.


Who Says Blankets Are Only Good for the Winter?

Besides the obvious bubble wrap from previous packaging that you can use to protect valuables, you may already have several usable packaging materials in your home. Towels, pillows, duvets, and curtains can all be utilised to wrap up breakable pieces for safe transport. You can cut costs on buying foam and other protective devices by using what you own for protective gear. That said, if you make use of a professional moving company in Cape Town to handle the packing, then they will provide you with quality packaging materials.


Speaking of the Kitchen

Tupperware and pots are perfect for stuffing small loose items in. For example, you can throw the cutlery into a pot, put the lid on and wrap it with plastic to keep it from opening. Make use of the markers and colour-coded labels to ensure everything in a container is listed to find it easily. If you work with a professional moving company in Cape Town, make a list of all the items that you pack into each box and write down the names of the rooms where the boxes must be placed. Colour coding helps with this process.

Technology is Your Friend

If you know that you are someone who is always looking for pens or pencils and can never find that grocery list you wrote the previous night, you might want to consider using your phone to keep track. By taking pictures of packed crates and boxes, it can help refresh your memory in finding missing items at your new location. You can also use the calendar to mark specific dates at which certain tasks need to be done and set reminders to do them. This way, even if you do lose the paper trail, you will not be completely at a loss. Also, call the movers on time, as well as other service companies, such as the Internet connectivity provider.

Official Moving Day

To avoid any disasters, make a list the night before and mentally walk through the process for the following morning. Do you have your travel luggage ready? Have you prepared for the safety and comfort of your pets and children? Are you all set with a cooler box and refreshments for the road? These are all simple, yet extremely important questions to ask the night before the move and again right before you leave. It is better to be over cautious than to make a critical mistake.

Final Thought

Get in touch with the friendly and helpful consultants at Elliott if you are looking for a moving company in Cape Town that is affordable and experienced in the planning, packing, unpacking, storing, and safe transporting of furniture, electronic equipment, and art pieces.