Mayibuye & Klipfontein Football Association

The association was affiliated to midrand local football association and recognized by SAFA. The association was found in 2006 with two townships which is Mayibuye & Klipfontein. The aim and the objective to form the association was to take children away from street to keep them busy. As well as the abuse of drugs / alcohol and many more bed things that can affect them we want to cash their concept as early as possible.


  • Identify talent
  • Develop young and old age
  • Promote sport person to all age group category
  • Promote sport in different culture in gender eguality
  • Discourage discrimination and racisms
  • Make sure that the resource are available
  • Provide a forum for managing risk and solve issue
  • Monitor association progress
  • Ensure that the benefits of the association are met
  • The association consist of five age group categories
  • Which are boys U/10 /U/13 /U/15 /U/17 / U/19?

We also want to produce the best players or teams from our beautiful association. We are appealing to any individual or company to assist us in terms of promoting
Your products to our association
We are the Non profit organization
Your contribution will highly appreciated to the association