5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Moving Companies

It’s been said that one of the biggest stress triggers besides getting married, is relocating. It all seems good on paper but when it comes to the logistics of it, the headaches only begin! Relocating to a new house and particularly a new city, and then having to start a new job in a new environment are all challenges associated with relocating. Changes create anxiety, and finding moving companies should not add to the stress. Before you consult the many avenues as part of your search and picking the first off of a list of many moving companies operating in your area, it is wise to do some additional homework first to help ease the burden.

Last minute dot com

Whether you are renting, buying or relocating office premises, it is wise to first book your moving company before you start packing. Securing a specific date for the move beforehand is vital as relocating to any new premises, specifically when it comes to renting, needs to be done on a specific date.

Booking in advance not only prepares moving companies for what is needed on their side for the particular move, but it also allows you to plan the packing in advance. Leaving it for the last minute might entail having to hire sub-standard movers who will potentially do more harm than good.

Don’t be too hasty

You might be tempted to conduct a search on Google for “Moving Companies in my area” and simply picking the first result on the list, but this isn’t always a feasible option for your particular needs or requirements. If you aren’t familiar with a specific service provider, rather phone and obtain quotes from a number of different companies in your area.  

Get a written quote

A verbal agreement is just that, which means that what was initially agreed on verbally may not necessarily appear on your written quote. Quite often a person gets surprised by hidden costs that were not previously disclosed. When verbally engaging with moving companies over the phone and agreeing on a quote telephonically, make sure that you get a complete breakdown of all the costs involved pertaining to your move, including any additional costs for insurance and packing.

What you pay for is ultimately what you get

Buying a house, or for that matter building one, feels like you are constantly haemorrhaging cash, and the thought of adding to your debt by paying extra for moving companies shouldn’t even be a potential concern. Be careful during your budgeting revisions as there is no room for error, especially when moving companies turn out to be unreliable and untrustworthy. Movers that charge considerably less than the competition could be cause for concern, and you most certainly do not want disaster to strike even before you’ve moved into your dream home.

At the end of the day, paying a little extra for quality moving companies will be worth it for peace of mind and stellar service delivery.

Moving companies worth their salt should have the necessary accreditations and customer references available on request, further supporting your decision to make use of their services.

Knowledge is power

Being prepared for your big move makes you better prepared than those who merely choose the first and best option. When it comes down to the basics, you need to know who you are working with and not only receive transparency from the moving company, but also the reassurance that they are committed to the moving process from beginning to end.

Elliott strives to provide customers with a moving experience that is seamless. From initial contact to pre-surveys, packing and unpacking, we will make sure that your prized possessions are well looked after. We will be there every step of the way, and address any concerns that you might have. 

Whether you are relocating to another country, relocating to a new office space or finally settling in that dream home that you have always wanted, the staff at Elliott will be on hand to provide you with the service that you should expect from quality moving companies. 

For a memorable and stress-free move, make the wise move and choose Elliott.