Moving Companies for International Moves

Make Use of Moving Companies for International Moves

Relocating to another country is even more stressful than the usual move to a new house. There are numerous factors to consider, and doing it alone is almost unfathomable. With the help of furniture removal companies, you can achieve success with international moves. Moving companies support you through your relocation, regardless of how tall the order may be.


Services for International Moves

With international moves, you need to think about more than merely packing and getting to your new location. Everything is different. You will have to conduct research and find the right medical facilities, schools, and malls before jumping at the first home offer you receive. With the assistance of moving companies for international moves, you are sure to find your way. Below are some of the services we, as one of the leading moving companies for international moves, have on offer:

  • Free pre-move surveys.
  • Storage facilities.
  • Packing and furniture removal.
  • Transport and shipping.
  • Pet relocations.
  • Home-finding solutions.


Do You Know What You Own?

From each box to furniture piece, can you list every detail? It is a time-consuming process and overwhelming, to say the least. Plus, you have to sort the items and boxes into categories of storage and that which you want to take to your new abode. With a free home survey, you can relax a little. The professionals can handle checking the bulk of your items and determining the cost of your move. If you don’t want to go through the entire packing process alone, having experts will help to sort your items.


Where Will Your Belongings Be Safe?

With international moves, it is almost a given that you won’t be taking all your belongings with, at least not immediately. What if the relocation goes south and you decide to come back home? In this case, you don’t necessarily want to sell all the furniture you have collected over the years. Storage is an option, but who do you trust to keep your belongings in a secure location? Moving companies can assist you with this as well. Who better to trust than the people that are with you every step of the way?


The Tedious Bits of the Job

There is no worse task than packing. Getting everything to fit in the boxes you have bought and making sure that your breakables won’t break in the crates is a hassle. What if you don’t have to do any of it? With an expert staff team, you can rest assured that every fragile item will be marked accordingly and safeguarded with the necessary protection methods. Forget about an aching back from carrying couches. Just sit back and have some coffee while our movers do their thing.


Getting It There

Your mind is crawling with thoughts, and one of them is how you are going to transport all your items. Will it be via air or sea? Will it get to the desired destination on time and in one piece? Will it cost a fortune? With so many questions, the only thing to do is get a quote from us, as we are one of the experienced international moving companies that can help you. Let us handle the details and set your mind at ease.


What About Mr Fuzzy Pants?

If you have pets, you must be worried where they fit into this whole process. Will you find them a new home with someone you know, or will you attempt to take them with you? Getting your furry friends to a new house is already a big step, but getting them into a different country is an immense task. With the help of moving companies, you might be in luck. No one wants to say adios to their favourite kitty, and you don’t necessarily have to do so either.


Will There Be Good Schools?

As a parent, your children are your priority. Therefore, you want them to have a proper education, and you only want the best for them. Going school hunting in an entirely unfamiliar environment is more challenging than asking your friends which schools they recommend. However, moving companies can assist in finding these gems for your kids. There is no need to panic, since your young ones can still have five-star education in another country.

It is time to go beyond what you know and venture into the vast world. Find your home and get the fresh start you have always wanted. Use Elliott Mobility as one of the leading moving companies for international moves, and you won’t be disappointed.