With So Many Moving Companies in Cape Town, How Do You Decide Which One is Best for You?

The main reason for the rise in inter-provincial relocations is that people are looking for a lifestyle change offering a better quality of life in beautiful surroundings with good schools for their children, as well as safety and security.  Businesses choose to move for a variety of reasons such as high rental rates, changed business demographic or growth. Or at the heart of it all, a change of scenery might be needed. The reasons are many, especially when you live in the vibrant city of Cape Town and its surrounds. With a plethora of moving companies in Cape Town to choose from, how do you make the right decision?

The vetting process

The list of moving companies in Cape Town is daunting, to say the least. Before you randomly choose a company purely from word of mouth, it is also wise to get recommendations from friends, family or colleagues regarding moving companies they have personally dealt with. If you are dealing with an estate agent, they might be able to recommend one that they have had experience with before.

The rule of threes

Follow this rule when it comes to getting quotes. Don’t settle for the first one based on price or service. Getting three quotes will allow you to easily assess moving companies in Cape Town that are best suited for your individual requirements.

Red flags

When obtaining an estimate from moving companies in Cape Town, watch out for any red flags. Most moving companies that ask for a deposit or payment upfront might not be legitimate. If they are persistent about upfront payment, rather cut your losses and look elsewhere. Ask questions and if you feel that the answers given are not professional enough, look for another moving company in Cape Town. Make sure that the fleet of trucks they have are in fact theirs and not rented ones. This speaks volumes about the professionalism and the quality of service you will receive from the company.

Verify details

If possible, verify the address of the company. Do an internet search to see if they have a website. Although small moving companies in Cape Town may not have a website, they should be listed under local info or do a search on social media platforms. If the address of the company is in a residential area, it could mean that they are not a registered business or that they are a one-man operation and in all probability will not suit your requirements.

Reviews and accreditation

Registered moving companies in Cape Town will have no problem displaying or giving confirmation of their accreditation. Setting global standards are the companies that have FAIM as well as FIDI accreditation as this means that they follow the most stringent, all-encompassing quality programme for the international moving industry. To further ascertain that they are the best, check out online reviews that are posted on their websites, whether positive or negative to gauge the quality of service that they provide.

Office relocations

Selecting moving companies in Cape Town to move your entire office contents adds a whole new level of stress. Years and years’ worth of documents and IT equipment and office furniture need to make it to your new business location in one piece. The risks involved can be anything from an accident along the way, or being held up due to other unforeseen circumstances. Finding reputable moving companies in Cape Town should come with the guarantee that the business relocation will be done effortlessly and within the agreed-upon timeframe. 

Cover for your belongings

Whether you are moving home or offices, accredited moving companies in Cape Town should provide you with cover against loss, theft and breakage. Find out which of the companies offer cover for your goods. Should the company you approach tell you not to worry, then run.

The whole package

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