Choosing One of the Leading Moving Companies in Cape Town

Choosing One of the Leading Moving Companies in Cape Town

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Soon after the discovery of gold and the founding of Johannesburg in 1886, the city became a magnet, drawing people from every corner of the country and the world beyond, searching for a new and prosperous life. However, more recently, the “City of Gold” appears to have lost some of its lustre. Today, many of its residents are flocking to the Mother City. On the plus side, moving companies with branches in Cape Town have been reaping the benefits of this new migratory trend.

While South Africa undoubtedly has its problems, its southernmost tip has remained one of the world’s most popular destinations. The region is attracting overseas settlers with hard currency to invest in homes and businesses. While some choose the convenience of occupying premises in the city’s suburbs, others are happy to commute to enjoy the natural beauty of the Winelands, the West Coast or the Southern Peninsula. Nevertheless, like the inhabitants of any large city, the locals often need to relocate also, and there are plenty of moving companies in Cape Town to assist them.

How to Choose Your Moving Company

Talk to those in the know. Given the number of available contractors in the area, selecting the one that will best meet your needs can be difficult. Nevertheless, you will want to be sure you entrust your furniture and personal effects to someone who can be relied upon to treat them with care. It is only natural for a company to proclaim its virtues, but a favourable third-party opinion is likely to prove more reassuring. So, before you decide, talk to a friend, colleague or neighbour who has recently moved and ask about their experience when dealing with moving companies in Cape Town. 

Consider the care and quality of service. Life in the Mother City offers many benefits, but it has not escaped the effect of the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. Relocating can be a costly process, so it is tempting to look for ways to limit the cost of your move. However, the answer is not to search for the cheapest offer and book it. It is crucial to determine precisely what you will be getting in return for your hard-earned cash. You probably worked hard to furnish the home you have, and when it’s time to move on, you will want the reassurance that whichever of the moving companies in Cape Town you choose will handle it with care and deliver it safely and timeously to your new location.

Make sure your chosen removal company is certified. Some movers choose to hire unskilled or casual staff to keep their prices down, which could threaten the safety of your possessions. Furthermore, not all removal firms are certified by a recognised regulatory body such as the Road Freight Association (RFA) or the International Association of Movers (IAM). Certification is your guarantee of quality service and a company that will insure your load and assume liability. If you are relocating overseas, look for moving companies in Cape Town with FIDI accreditation. The Brussels-based organisation sets the stringent performance standards with which its registered international movers worldwide must comply. Members must undergo re-assessment every two years to retain their FIDI status. 

What to Expect When Hiring a Certified Removals Firm

As a bare minimum, the company should have warehouse facilities, provide insurance cover for the load and accept liability for its safe passage. By contrast, some movers are willing to go the extra mile; no pun intended. For example, Elliot stands apart from most moving companies in Cape Town and other South African cities by supporting its clients throughout every stage of the removal process. The service begins with assistance during the initial planning and budgeting process and only ends when clients are settled in their new homes.

While knowing that your possessions are insured may offer some comfort, ensuring they remain undamaged is preferable to filing a claim. Meticulous care by experts with the packing of furniture, glassware and crockery is all part of the Elliott service. Unlike many of the moving companies in Cape Town, Elliott can also provide metal trunks and padlocks to accommodate items of special or sentimental value and will pack them in your presence before handing you the key. If you have pets, we can handle that too.

Click here to learn more about Elliott, our various removal services and the extensive support we provide to our clients as an acknowledged leader among the many moving companies in Cape Town and worldwide. In addition, you can contact us or request a quote.  

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