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Moving Companies Johannesburg

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Guide on How to Prepare to Move in Johannesburg

Moving is the process of relocating your personal belongings from one place to another. Although the change can be exciting, it can take a lot of work. Before you can move, you will have to do some preparation. Even with the help of one of the best moving companies in Johannesburg, you still have to do some preparation before you can leave it in their hands. Below are a few tips for moving with the help of a professional moving company.

How to Pack for a Move

While most moving companies in Johannesburg offer you the choice of letting them pack everything for you, there are a few things you can do that can help make things easier if you plan on packing either partially or completely without help from a moving company.

It may seem like you need everything in your house, but if you look around, there are probably at least ten things that you have not used in a long time. Start by removing some of the unused items. You do not have to throw these items away. Sell the ones that are still in good condition and have some value. You can give away things that are still in a good condition, but do not have that much value. Broken or partly damaged items can be thrown away.

When you are done going through your belongings, you can start packing. However, you can only do so if you have boxes or crates in which you can pack the items. If you are working with a tight budget, you can ask food and clothing stores for empty boxes. Otherwise, buy sturdy crates and other containers from a hardware store, a wholesale plastic supplier, or one of the moving companies in Johannesburg.

After getting packing supplies, you can start the process of sorting and categorising. Put items that are in the same category together. For example, you can have a box for electronic devices, like remote controls, cables, and other computer parts. Putting similar items together will simplify the unpacking process.

When packing heavy items, try to use smaller crates or boxes. It will make the carrying process easier and reduce the risk of the box collapsing from the weight of the items. For fragile items made from glass or porcelain, buy bubble-wrap and properly wrap each item. You can also invest in newspapers that you can wrap around your valuable items.

More Pre-Move Tips

Doing your homework is never fun, but it is necessary. The early bird catches the worm after all. Make sure that you start looking for a trustworthy moving company in Johannesburg at least a few weeks before the move. This will save you the pressure of having to do it at the last minute. Choose one of the reputable moving companies in Johannesburg, such as Elliott Mobility. We are able to provide you with on-site advice, and will visit your home to ensure we give an accurate quote. Our company offers packing and unpacking assistance, storage facilities, and help with moving pets.

The date of your move can make a huge difference in pricing and traffic. Decide on a date at least a month in advance and make your booking with one of the moving companies in Johannesburg. It will ensure you have enough time to put in leave and prepare everything. Weekends are usually hectic for moving companies in Johannesburg, as most people do not have to work. By taking a day off during the week, you could save on moving costs.

Pack items you will need immediately in plastic containers that can be opened whenever you need to do so. A few things you will probably need right away are cleaning supplies, clean clothes, toiletries, chargers, blankets, and pillows.

Use a calendar to mark the dates you need to do important tasks. This way, you will be less likely to forget anything. You do not want to have to run around on the day of the move and panic about uncomplete tasks.

Moving to a new place is not a one-man job. Luckily, you do not have to do it alone. Moving companies in Johannesburg, such as Elliott Mobility, are here to streamline the process.

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