Moving Company Johannesburg

How to Choose a Reliable Moving Company in Johannesburg

Are you looking for a moving company you can trust in Johannesburg? The decision seems straightforward, but it keeps you up at night. What if your belongings get lost, stolen, or damaged? Worse even, what if your items never get picked up, and it turns out you paid a scam artist? How will you ever be able to find a reliable moving company in this big city of Johannesburg?


Tips to Make the Right Choice from the Start

You may doubt your choices, regardless of how hard you think about it. No need for concern. Everyone has doubts. In most situations, research can fix the problem. If you don’t know the answer to a question, then learn everything you can about the topic. Get started by following the seven tips below to choose a moving company in Johannesburg.



More often than not, people in your social network have recommendations on all kinds of things in your life. These recommendations may narrow down the field or broaden the horizon. It depends on the level of faith you have in your peers. Whatever the case, seek advice from a person who has already dealt with an extensive move. Who knows, it might just bring the search to an end sooner than anticipated.


Online Quotes

The purpose of collecting quotes from multiple moving companies is to find the cheapest option and to ensure you don’t pay an unreasonable amount for no reason. Price shopping helps to avoid scams. It is more likely for a non-reliable source to quote way too high or not enough for the same services offered. Thus, knowing approximately what most movers charge enables you to find a respectable removal company that offers a price to match your budget.


In-Person Quotes

Shortlist the movers according to services offered and affordability. Schedule appointments with three of the top choices. Prepare for the home inspection. The neater and more organised your home, the more confident you will be. Show them everything to move, enabling them to give exact quotes.


Services and Procedures

Take notes and ask questions. If a company has well-trained staff members, they will gladly answer questions. However, if the consultants seem uninterested in your queries and don’t know what you are talking about, it may be time to look for another moving company in Johannesburg.


Insurance and Verification

Furniture movers should have insurance plans. If they are legitimate, they will recommend that you also take out insurance for the move. With a reliable moving company, the likelihood of damage or theft is slim, but goods can be damaged during transportation.

Since they will be transporting your life belongings, you will not want to risk potential financial loss. Insurance is a must for any move, big or small. Search for the company’s address online. Don’t trust them if you cannot find a legitimate business address for the company name.


Read Some More

Find details about the company’s past by reviewing comments on social media and checking their ratings. This way you can find a reliable moving company in Johannesburg for a hassle-free relocation.


Who to Use?

We meet and exceed the requirements. As a leading national and international moving firm, we have a website, business address, and social media page. Our consultants will visit your home to conduct a free on-site assessment for a correct quote. Your belongings and trust in our ability to handle the furniture removal professionally are important to us. We have comprehensive insurance and help you with insurance administration.

Our fleet of trucks is well-maintained, and we have a network of agents throughout the country. With storage facilities in Johannesburg, we can offer add-on services, such as safekeeping of belongings in secure storage units and greenhouse facilities for the storage of plants.

We have years of experience in furniture removal, whether from one place to another in Johannesburg or nationally. Our prices are affordable, even though we never compromise on the quality of our services. Our moving team can help with packing and unpacking as well.

Our friendly consultants are here to answer your questions. Moving is our business. As a company focused on customer care, we undertake to provide a hassle-free move in Johannesburg.