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Make Moving a Pleasure with a Free Moving Quote from Elliott

Depending on your age, you might remember the old days of moving house? Moving companies were a ragtag collection of pros and amateurs alike, and the public often experienced a huge range in costs, with clear comparisons between services difficult if not impossible to determine. It often felt like a choice between a professional service and close-your-eyes-and-hope, and that wasn’t really much of a choice at all. As confusing and frustrating as that era often was, the great upshot of it all has been that consumers are now far better educated on the nature of moving services, and the distinction between genuine movers and some guy with a truck have become clear.

Price is important in any buying decision, but it can’t be the only consideration when it comes to moving your worldly goods. Far too many ripped couches, lost crockery, and broken glassware follow that path, and unfortunately those who shop on price alone have to accept that their goods are travelling from point A to B on a wing and a prayer! Insurance costs, skills cost, and packaging costs too, without even mentioning the roadworthiness and cleanliness of the moving vehicles themselves. Shopping on price alone when looking for a moving company in Pretoria, for example, presents a barrier between you and truly great moving services, and that’s unfortunate. It’s also unnecessary, because a careful line-item analysis of a professional, free moving quote will demonstrate that, if anything, you’re getting greater value for money from the pros than the wannabes. If it’s worth moving, it’s worth moving it right, doing it well.


Tips for a Successful Move from a Top Moving Company in Pretoria

Today, a far more savvy consumer class has realised that cheapie movers simply aren’t worth the hassle and potential downsides. If your goods are valuable enough to want to take them with you, they deserve professional handling and care in loading, transit, and when offloading. If you’re looking for a moving company in Pretoria and want to make your move a pleasure, follow these basic tips to iron out potential hassles, and set yourself up for a successful move. Right off the bat, get a free moving quote. No one should be paying for removal quotes-the nature of the South African marketplace is such that movers, plumbers, electricians, and a host of other contractors seldom charge for quotes. Those that do, probably have a low uptake rate on their offer, and that’s not a good sign.

When you have the cost, formulate a budget. You might be moving next week or next year, and how you’ll fund the move will vary because of available resources and available time. It’s important, however, to have a figure in mind that you understand, and to dedicate funds to the move in order to retain your confidence around the exercise. It’s an excellent idea also to make a list of questions for your nominated moving company. If you’re hunting for a moving company in Pretoria, choose Elliott because most, if not all of those would have been answered when we came to give you a free moving quote. Otherwise, jot them down and ask when the movers arrive or, if there are implications, mail your questions through well ahead of time.


Moving is All About People

Don’t forget the people factor of your move-the people you’re leaving behind, the people involved in the move, and the people who will greet you in one way or another when you get to the other side. Moving days often turn into a panicked mess of people issues, all of which could have been and should have been sorted before time. Tie off loose ends with people in your current space before moving and make comms with whoever is going to be essential at your new destination. A little bit of forward planning goes a long way when moving, and it’s something professional movers know only too well.

Will you need storage, or is it simply a matter of picking everything up and popping it down at the new place? Do you have enough space to accommodate all your belongings, and is it practical to knock down and set up wholesale at the new place? A great removal company will be able to absorb some uncertainty around this issue, and if you realise that you cannot, in fact, justify installing everything you own at your new premises, they’ll be able to offload your goods with care and secure them at their storage facility until such time as you’re ready to incorporate them into your home. Another key input is packaging. Are you supplying it? Do you want the movers to supply it? And wherever it comes from, are you going to pack everything, or just some key items you’d like to keep with you in your car on the day?


Forward Planning Makes All the Difference in a Move

Here’s a heads-up on the issue of packing-some things are better left to those who do it every day. Removal packing is certainly one of them. For one thing, a professional mover’s core focus is transport and logistics. You’ll likely get a far better quote on packaging from them than if you were to buy boxes, tape, and bubble wrap from a business whose core focus is on selling boxes, tape, and bubble wrap!

Other critical considerations before moving: include:

  • Make sure all of your medical aid and other insurance policies are up to date.
  • If you have children at school, the school and other service providers in their lives should be notified, assuming their services will be terminated when you move.
  • Moving is often a great time for some spring cleaning, no matter what season of the year you’re moving in! Make a pile of unwanted items that you’d like to donate, another for the trash heap, and another that might be touch and go. Those in the last pile might include an old fridge, kitchenware, or clothing. It’s highly recommended that you perform this exercise at least a few days before the move, as in glancing at the pile every so often, you’ll either be reminded of why you have to have those separate items, or they’ll move into one of the first two piles soon enough!
  • Do you have pets? What arrangements are necessary to make their move successful and comfortable too? Are there any restrictions on moving with animals where you’re headed?


Final Considerations Before you Move

Take your time to imagine your family’s current daily schedules, see the people involved in those, and the ramifications of moving out of that normality. People to buzz or items to collect will come to mind, and you can move feeling like you’ve tied off all possible loose ends well. Do you have open hazardous materials in your house? Do you want to safely move them with everything else, or will you dispose of them before time? In our plug and play digital world, the legacy issues of transferring phone numbers or getting new lines installed are all but gone, but it’s worth thinking through your monthly debits and mentally ticking off everyone as either impacted or not by your move. Liaise with those that are, and any other on-site service providers who would usually come and cut the lawn, clean the pool, or perform any other regular service in your home or garden.

Confirm with your family and friends that they’re aware of your move to whatever extent necessary, and make sure you also study the new premises’ layout, so that you can plan around what needs to go where. Figure out where the truck will stand when they come to load your goods, and confirm the date and time with the moving company one last time. If you’ve thought through all of this, congratulations! You’re good to go, ready to move, and from here on out, you can focus on the moving day itself. Take an inventory of your goods, and try to drill down into detail. If jewellery and other fiddly items are too onerous to document, make a mental note to keep those with you when you move, and pack and put them to one side with the goods you plan on ferrying yourself.


Move With Elliott as the Best Moving Company in Pretoria

Elliott has been around -literally and figuratively! -and the reason we’ve remained the superior moving company in Pretoria is because we’ve always been an affordable, yet exactingly professional service. We’re transparent with our pricing, and we execute everything with a skilled flair that’s hard to match.

Call us first for a free moving quote, and we’ll walk you through the exceptional diligence and service you can expect from a moving company of our reputation. Rather than dilute our service with any else, we’ve spent years fine-tuning packing, moving, and storing your precious goods, and it shows. No matter what details you’d like to incorporate into your big move, you can be sure we’ll give you the most cost-effective solution, with your priorities always front and centre. Don’t make a move without us!

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