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There’s No Need to Dread Moving Offices

Moving business premises comes with more onerous demands than moving house. At home, you can live in a clutter while you figure out the best place to put things, but at work, that can cost money. Not only will performance dip in a clutter, you might lose office functionality that costs even more. The golden rule is: plan ahead. You’re a business after all, and you have command structures and human resources in place. Tapping logically into these resources can make moving offices far smoother than moving house, it just takes the right approach.

Also, if you’re anything like most people, the work environment will actually be more familiar than your home environment, at least in terms of what it contains, and what everything does for the business. No funny carpets you haven’t seen for years, no wondering whether you’re ready to part with an old bicycle. An office environment is typically far sleeker and more functional than a home base, and it’s also easier to evaluate an item’s essential nature in the work environment. When everything is a cost centre, it’s easier to be mercenary about the stuff that you need to move, and what you don’t.


Moving Offices Enjoys Planning and Participation

Definitely a project best undertaken by outside professionals, moving offices will still be aided by internal company structures. Firstly, as we’re living in the tech era, consult with IT support to establish whether any tech is due for scrapping, coincidental with the move, and before moving day comes around. If your maintenance scheduling was going to write off the office printer, for example, in a month’s time, you might want to simplify your move by being fuzzy around the edges, dumping that hardware slightly prematurely, and ordering a replacement so long, to be delivered to your new office premises.

On the tech hardware issue, specialist packing and handling are needed, and this is where professional office moving services really come into their own. When you consider the lengths you go to in order to secure your data and keep your IT functionality optimised, moving the office’s tech gear really should be done by those who do it every day. There’s no getting around the fact that moving offices is going to cost in time and money, no matter that you can offset business downtime by deploying an advanced squad to get to the new premises early and establish a skeleton functionality. You’ll want to limit that downtime, and limit the potential for lost earnings, another great reason to employ those who are swiftest and most careful with your office goods and equipment.


Planning is Essential When Moving Offices

While planning is no less essential in domestic moving, in a commercial setting, you don’t have the opportunity to go back and forth to rectify things you forgot. Of course, you do, but it’s going to have commercial ramifications, the kind that cost money. Planning is essential in any office move, as the aim is always to re-establish business functionality as swiftly as possible. Some common-sense considerations are pertinent to anyone moving offices, and they include cost-effectiveness, mitigation, priority scheduling, and the people factor too.

Right at the outset, you need to understand that moving offices should never be performed by the guy with the lowest quote. Shopping on price alone is a recipe for disaster, and the number of South African businesses who have been ripped off by pseudo-movers or outright crooks is in the thousands. It’s also guaranteed that the lowest priced option is paying the lowest wages, and what care can you expect from people being exploited for their labour. What professional conduct and ethos will prevent them from upping their day’s earnings with a couple of flash drives, courtesy of your company, either? The cheapie options are saving money somewhere, while simply running a hit and miss, unsustainable business to boot. Cost-effectiveness, as any dedicated businessperson knows, is so much more than price.


Other Essential Considerations When Moving Offices

Mitigation, for its part, really comes down to the issue of insurance.  Anyone making light of the need for insurance is not a professional mover, but rather someone trading on luck to ferry your goods across town, or across the province. Have you ever had a car accident that wasn’t your fault? So too can such easily befall a moving company, just as it can anyone else on the roads. Companies who make light of insurance issues when moving offices are not reputable, and likely also completely inexperienced, if not simply crooks looking for an exorbitant deposit without any intention of providing the service you’re paying for. Reputable office movers take the responsibility of delivering your office equipment in good order seriously, and that has to include insurance.

Think logically about what you might need in the first load, and the second, and so on, in order that your applied acumen enables the fastest reestablishment of your working reality on the other side. That’s priority scheduling, and it really can only come from the business owner, although professional movers will of course offer sound advice, based on their experience. Finally, don’t forget that you have staff who can help to maintain the office’s functionality during the move. Plan to have a few employees working from home, but still thoroughly connected on the day of the move. In combination with a small advance team setting up first at the new premises, a few key personnel working remotely can greatly offset any business hiccups when moving offices.


Why Elliott is Preferred by So Many Businesses When Moving Offices

Elliott is proud of its commercial moving expertise. We come in, wrap and pack everything, and knock down in a heartbeat. Combined with skilled handling and transportation, we also offer reinstallation services, and go to great lengths to apply “commercial time” to our performance. We know you’re waiting, and we know you don’t want damage or loss in this process, and we execute with a perfect balance between these two imperatives.

As an internationally accredited removals company, we offer a comprehensive, all-inclusive office moving service, and to date have relocated more companies than we could name offhand. There’s a reason business come to Elliott to safeguard and streamline their office moves, and it’s because we live up to our marketing speech. More than just words, we pride ourselves on offering a superior office moving service, one that comes with all the jingles and bells you’d expect from a truly professional moving concern.

Call on Elliott first for a free office removal quote, and you’ll immediately see the Elliott difference!

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