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Help from One of the Top National Moving Companies to Relocate Your Pets

Whether you have a tiny hamster, a tank full of fish, or a big loveable St. Bernard, you are probably worried about how the move will affect them. If you think we humans have a hectic time during relocation to a new home, just imagine the trauma that pets go through. Many creatures are territorial and animals have no understanding as to why they are leaving the cul-de-sac behind. Most pets enjoy a routine lifestyle and are not always happy with change or car rides for that matter. Be prepared for the trip. Start by getting a quote for pet relocation from one of the leading national moving companies.

Tips on Keeping the Animals at Bay

If you don’t plan to make use of one of the national moving companies to assist you in this difficult time, you have even more reason to do your homework. A long journey can be dangerous, especially with anxious pets in the vehicle. Below are some tips to get your loved ones safely to their new destination, with or without the help of national moving companies:

  • Visit a vet for tranquilisers if necessary.
  • Ensure all pets are strapped in.
  • Tag your animals.
  • Keep familiar items close.
  • Don’t forget their basic needs.
  • Have leashes in an easily accessible spot.
  • Try to keep the excitement to a minimum.

A Sleepy Cat Is a Quiet Cat

With animals such as cats, you might want to consider consulting your vet about tranquilisers. These creatures sometimes try to walk back home if they think they know how to find their way back. If the animals are sleeping through the trip, they are less likely to try find their way home. However, dogs can also benefit from being asleep, as it might lessen the anxiety of a long drive away from their usual surroundings. If you are using one of the national moving companies, ask them about their means of pet transportation. It may very well mean the difference between a stress-free trip and one filled with drama.

For Their Safety and Yours

Pet carriers can be a huge help during relocation. If you can buy them a week or so before the big move to make the fluffy ones used to them, even better. At least with hamsters, fish, and birds, you already have a safe space for them. Just make sure that you place their cages in a secure spot. National moving companies also make use of carriers and crates to transport animals, thereby minimising the risk of injury and lowering the stress levels of the animals. However, if you are not up for the idea of cages, you can always opt for a doggy chair or safety belt to secure the little ones.

Names and Numbers

We all hope our pets will never run away, but in the case of relocations, it is always a possibility. Have updated tags with working numbers on the animals’ collars at all times. You can also think about getting tracking devices in the odd case of someone stealing a doggy or two. National moving companies offering pet relocation services also recommend having proper tags in place.

Feeding and Potty Breaks

If your furry babies are not used to car rides, especially long trips, there is a chance they might get carsick. Try not to feed them a few hours before you leave. However, don’t let them become dehydrated. If the animals are awake during this time, stop for potty breaks. Having leashes in an easy-to-reach place makes it easier to do this quickly and calmly.

Needs and Trust

If your small children are scared at night, what do you do? You give them their favourite blankets or soft toys to reassure them. The same goes for the four-legged ones. If you keep some items like soft or chew toys, blankets, and beds out, it’ll make them feel more at ease. Don’t forget food and water, as well as bowls, so that they can feast as soon as they get to the new home.

Don’t Cause a Scene

With national moving companies, you know there will be a few times that strangers will be entering and leaving your home. Keep your pets away from all this excitement. They are smarter than you think. If they suspect something is going on, they will be anxious the whole time until after the move. It is best to try to keep things as normal as possible until D-day.

Make use of Elliott Mobility as one of the trusted national moving companies for safe and hassle-free relocation of furniture, vehicles, plants, and pets.

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