Need Help with Moving?

Need Help with Moving?

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Need Help with Moving? Here Is How to Choose the Right Removal Company

Yes, you can wade through all the box tape, wrapping paper, and logistical nightmares yourself, but you don’t need to. Just admit it, you might not necessarily require help with moving, but it will make this stressful process much easier and quicker and it can even help you avoid some costly damage and detours along the way. When you need help with moving, you want a service provider who will do more than simply load a couple of boxes on the back of a truck. Here are five things to consider before selecting a removal company:


Do you need help with packing?

One of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of moving is packing everything you own. Doing this on your own can take hours. You must think of what you may still need, what belongs together, and in what order you want to unpack things when you eventually get to your destination. Furthermore, you must wrap everything carefully for protection while avoiding getting sentimental about every single item. Alternatively, if you choose the right removal company, they can do all the packing for you, quickly and professionally.

Do you need help with moving fine art?

Art pieces and antique collections are most often not only just valuable but also irreplaceable. In some instances, even a small scratch, dent, or chip can irreversibly impact the value of such a piece, leading to a huge loss for the owner. These items require specialised packaging or even custom-built crates for safe relocation. Instead of running the risk of attempting this yourself, it is strongly advised that you make use of the services of an expert mover who has experience in handling these types of items.

Do you need help with moving your vehicles?

Whether you own an investment vehicle or an everyday car (or two or three), it is not always a practical solution to simply drive them to your relocation destination. What you need is a reliable relocation company that you can trust to transport your vehicles using a road- or sea-freight service (depending on whether your relocation is local or international). Also consider how you will take possession of your vehicle on the other side – do they deliver it to your home or are there conveniently located depots where you can collect it?

Do you need help with moving pets?

We love our pets – who doesn’t? And when we move, they are obviously coming with us. They are a part of the family, after all. However, as you’d know, relocating can be extremely stressful for pets, as they are very attached to their territory. It is therefore imperative that you take special care when planning the relocation of your pets. You need a service provider who will care for them as much as you do, and who can take care of all the necessary travel arrangements, specialised travel containers, licences, and quarantine arrangements, if required.

Do you need help with moving internationally?

Relocating locally is stressful and exhausting enough. Moving to a different country is even more so. Not only that, there is no one template for an international move that is the same. Every country has its own rules and regulations, making each international move unique. Whether you are moving to South Africa, or out of the country, chances are you need assistance with documentation, transportation of your possessions, integrating into your new community, and more. Find yourself a relocation service provider that can help with all these aspects to minimise the stress and hassle and to avoid feeling overwhelmed during this process.


The good news is that there is a trusted relocation-services company that can take care of all the above aspects on your behalf – and so much more. Elliott Mobility has been active in this industry since 1947. Since then, we have built up lots of experience, becoming one of the world’s leading removal and relocation companies. If you need help with moving, we are the obvious choice for a great and smooth experience. Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique requirements. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and work with you to create a custom quote for your next move.

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