Choosing the Right Office Movers for Your Business

Choosing the Right Office Movers for Your Business

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Office moves start out exciting as you envision the new surroundings with everyone in the company working and thriving in a new and perfectly organised office space. Then the panic sets in when you realise that you have to prepare for the move and organise everything in the new office space. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be considered and among those, the most important is the interruption in the workflow. Doing the move independently might save you money but it will cost you copious amounts of downtime that a business simply cannot afford. What you need to do is streamline the process by obtaining the services of office movers.

Main Reasons Why Businesses Move

A survey was conducted where it was revealed that office relocations have a 68% positive effect on employees which is not surprising as most business moves are done to improve current conditions which include comfort and space. More often than not, businesses move to improve sales and target a specific demographic that is in line with their products and services.

Your business is growing and with that the need for more space. You might need to employ more staff and need more space for your increasing inventory. As businesses grow, so does the customer base and having an adequate and professional space to meet with your customers is important. Perhaps you have decided to reinvent your business and with that, a new upscale location is warranted.

Business needs are often dictated by outside factors. The location that worked at the start of your business might not work now due to changing demographics. Finding a business location is similar to finding a house, it has to be in the right area for it to work for you.

It’s Time to Get Moving with Office Movers

Now that you have decided to take the plunge and relocate your business and office family, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, the physical move. Deciding to do this on your own will be a costly exercise as it will involve renting two or more trucks and recruiting additional staff to help load the trucks. It will also mean that your employees will have to help with packing and unpacking resulting in hours, if not days, of downtime that your newly moved business may not be able to afford. The best option is to find office movers.

The office movers that you choose for your venture will define the office move. Get recommendations and find out if the office movers are flexible and willing to accommodate your schedule. Do they assist with packing and what is the fee structure? Above all, find office movers that include everything.

Make the Smart Choice with Office Movers

Moving a business is multi-faceted and is actually more demanding than moving a home. Not only is there furniture to be moved but sensitive documents, years’ worth of important files and the all-important and fragile IT systems. Although employees are the backbone of a company, it cannot be argued that its IT systems are crucial in the effective functioning of a business and finding moving services that can move and relocate them is vital.

Elliott’s office and IT relocation teams have experience in office relocations with minimal disruptions. Not only will Elliott move your workspace, but we will appoint you a project manager to work closely with you and oversee the entire process. Because we understand the importance of secure transport of the contents of your office, Elliott’s fleet of vehicles is fully equipped with air suspension, tail lifts and tracking devices to make sure that your delicate equipment is transported safely. At the new premises, our trusted office movers will reassemble your furniture for you, unpack workstations and make sure your space is ready for the new business day.

Part and parcel of business growth is the possibility of relocating to a different continent. Elliott will work alongside your business every step of the way to make sure that your transition to a different time zone is done as effortlessly as possible. With Rand-based quotations and local points of contact, Elliott is able to coordinate and oversee the shipment of your inventory. Elliott will make your move as hassle-free as possible.

With office movers that go the extra mile, make the smart choice. Choose Elliott.

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