Office Movers in Johannesburg

Not All Office Movers in Johannesburg Are Made Equal

Johannesburg is a funny town, but it’s often not the kind of funny you want to laugh about. Take the fraternity of office movers in Johannesburg, for example, and the tremendous diversity you’ll find any time you fish for a quote on moving offices. To begin with, anyone charging you for a quote should be a missed appointment. The vast majority of service industry companies offer free quotes, and this has become standard practice for obvious reasons. If the nature of your business is providing a service, it’s a sales function to be quoting on the service you offer, and cost of sale is borne by the company, not the customer.

The only people who need to charge for quoting to move your office will be those who either aren’t very good at it, or have no intention of moving you in the first place. Moreover, office movers in Johannesburg should absolutely have a few key items in place to be called trustworthy and competent, and first amongst them is insurance. No one can foretell the future, and accidents happen. It’s the human experience. Any supposed office movers without insurance are simply telling you everything you need to know about their ethos and ultimate trustworthiness. In the event of an accident, who do you think is left carrying the can?


There’s No Sliding Scale With Something as Important as Moving Your Business

That “goedkoop is duur koop” is never more true than when your office printer is in bits and pieces on the N1, rolling down the highway. When it comes to moving offices, it’s definitely not time to be fishing for the lowest price, because the downsides of that approach are potentially ghastly. Of course, there certainly is price competition within the respectable echelons of office movers in Johannesburg, but you’ll want to eliminate the obviously high-risk options, those who work without insurance, and who make rock bottom price their only USP.

In a real sense, there is no lengthy sliding scale in the office moving fraternity. It’s legitimate, reputable and experienced movers, or high risk. Smart businesses never risk their capital cushion or indeed their very existence by allowing slipshod, unprofessional movers to relocate them. The lowest price is guaranteed a no-frills service but relocating your tech and other precious office equipment has to be an all-frills service, simply because replacement costs are so onerous. More than that, it’s guaranteed that the cheapest movers are paying the lowest wages, and besides being sad and unethical, it leaves you open to pilfering during your office relocation. The combination of pricey office goods and underpaid labour is a volatile one.


How to Recognise Great Office Movers in Johannesburg

Truly professional office movers will manifest a few unmistakable attributes. They’ll offer quality service (detailed in writing, with the experience to back it up) at an affordable price. You’ll know it’s an affordable price for the services offered, because they’ll be able to support each line item in their quote, connecting costs to services, and services to necessity. It will be apparent from unpacking their quote that their focus is on carefully transporting and reinstalling your office, as they’ll constantly be erring on the side of caution. Beware the cowboy who makes light of packaging, handling, or transport concerns.

Furthermore, the truly professional office movers in Johannesburg will provide great customer service. You’ll recognise it when you see it, because a friendly, confident attention to your needs is a hallmark of great service, regardless of industry. They’ll give your request prompt attention, arrive when they say they will, and ensure that you completely understand what’s required and what it costs. Here, transparency is key, but beyond that, we all recognise great customer service when we see it. It can’t be faked. Also, the security and safety of your office furniture and equipment will be apparent in the concern they show about how they handle, safeguard, transport, and offload your goods. It will be right there, in the quote, or emerge as you discuss itemised costs from the quote.


Elliott, Experience, and Expertise All Start With an E

Without discouraging new entrants to the Johannesburg office moving market, experience really counts when moving offices. Experience in the game allows a great office mover like Elliott to offer a host of value-adds that time has taught us our customers need and want. At Elliott, we’ve built a smart and effective service around our customers’ needs. We’ve been around for over 70 years, and the kind of expertise we’ve accrued simply puts the best of service and capability at your disposal. We’re a reputable, affordable, and extremely professional moving concern, and we never play fast and loose at our customers’ expense.

Call on us first for a free, detailed quote on moving office premises, and it will be our pleasure to show you exactly what a superior moving service is all about.