Office Relocation Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Office relocation is normally a positive thing. You’re moving to new premises because business is going well and you’ve outgrown your current facilities, or because the new premises are a stylish upgrade. The intricacies of actually packing up and moving an office can take the shine of that reality, however, and unless you have professional expertise on your side, it’s going to cost more than it should. Relocating offices is similar to a domestic move, with one important difference. Having a disorganised domestic move may result in frustration and delays, but it doesn’t result in lost earnings or unanticipated commercial-level expenses.

When you’re moving offices, you want military-grade planning and efficiency. Since that’s readily available from top moving companies, it remains a mystery why companies might even consider doing it alone. Unless your business is making bubble wrap, box tape, and cardboard boxes, and boasts a fleet of trucks, you really should take a long, hard look at your upcoming office relocation, and plan and cost it carefully. There again, professional movers can help. When you bring Elliott onboard prior to moving, we’ll draft the architecture of your move, based on your needs for continuity and peace of mind, and get everything sorted before time.


Office Relocation Can Actually Be Fun!

It’s exciting moving to new premises, especially on the back of a growing business. No one moves their company to less exciting premises, whether that means less traffic or less overall relevance to the rest of the world. Moving offices is typically moving up. The excitement around an office relocation is always based on an ideal scenario where speciality items are identified and packed as per their specific needs, all bulk items are rapidly loaded and offloaded, and everyone is up and running the same day and having a great time. That imagining is nothing but the pure reality of those who opt for professional office relocation services. Everyone else? Not so great.

Moving offices is not the time to demonstrate a willful independence, just like insisting that you can fix your car or rebuild a room in your house tends to lead to tears. There’s a reason why we lean on specialised expertise, and that’s because we know it’s the shortest and most cost-effective route to success. It might be a common reality that companies, being so at home in their premises and being so intimate with their office paraphernalia, feel they can handle moving themselves. That presumption comes unstuck every day in South Africa, however, when the skills aren’t there, specialist packaging and handling isn’t present, trucks don’t show, the casual labour quits halfway-the nightmare list of DIY office relocation goes on and on.  It’s unfortunate, and moreover unnecessary, as pro movers are extremely competitive on price, and are the only people who can make that ideal, imagined move a successful reality.


Elliott Will Show You the Value

Bring Elliot in before your office relocation, and you’ll be slapping yourself on the back for the decision years on later still. The reason is simple-we’re caring professionals. Dealing with anyone else in an office relocation, even your own staff, simply means you’re doing without expertise and efficiency that are crucial to a successful commercial move. We’ve been around since the late 1940s, so you can know that we’ve seen it all, improved it all, and moved it all. We’re hale professionals, and it shows. From bulk to precious items, from ending services on one side to initiating them at your new premises, Elliott will sort you out and make your office relocation the fun it can be.

Elliott has built its solutions around our clients, and when we say we leave no stone unturned, we mean it. Right at the outset in the planning stages, you’ll be able to see the Elliott difference, because we over-prepare so that we can over-deliver on our promised service. We’re an internationally-rated moving company, and every single one of our clients gets the royal treatment. Office relocation is a business decision, and on that basis, we’re your first choice too. We’re affordable, we’re smart about moving you, and we’ll save you any unnecessary expenses you certainly would have suffered in a DIY move-that’s part of what we alleviate for our clients, after all, a part of our cost-effectiveness.

Call on Elliott first when it’s time to move, and let us show you why our customers insist on having us on their team when office relocation is on the cards.