Elliott is one of South Africa’s Leading Removal Companies

Elliott is one of South Africa’s Leading Removal Companies

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Many things improve with time and age, such as fine wines, delectable cheeses, and even removal companies. Wines and cheeses improve with age due to being allowed to mature and develop a more sophisticated profile. The same is true for Elliott. Although, we became one of the top removal companies in South Africa by dedication, hard work and commitment to customer excellence. We have evolved since our inception over 75 years ago by expanding our service offerings to ensure we can meet every demand of every customer.

We are always striving to find new ways to deliver superb services to our clients, whether it is innovative fine art storage solutions or whether introducing new and more efficient ways to pack and move your belongings. As with all things that improve with time, our ample experience has earned us our stellar reputation. There are, of course, other removal companies in South Africa that offer similar services, but few have been in business for as long as we have, and even fewer can boast the same international accreditation and prestige as Elliott. We set the example and others follow. This article provides more detail about how Elliott has grown over time and the benefits it brings to our customers.

How Elliott Has Grown Over Time

Elliott has been in business for 75 years, or three-quarters of a century! Every step we have taken in that time was to grow, whether it was to expand our business to offer new services or to modernise and adapt our existing services.

  • With time comes experience. With 75 years under our belts, we certainly have a lot of it. From our modest beginnings operating as a local removal company in Pretoria to where we are today as an internationally accredited removal company, we have proved ourselves to be experts in the field. Our ample knowledge and experience guide us to ensure that we continually deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

  • As our company expanded over the years, so did the number of services we offer. We are one of the removal companies that endeavour to offer you a bespoke and wide range of services that you would require to fulfil your relocation and storage needs. Our wide range of services includes local and international moves, state-of-the-art storage facilities, commercial logistics, fine art relocation, pet relocation, and vehicle transport. We also provide moving insurance, because coverage for potential risks and accidents is imperative to your peace of mind during your move.

  • We have an extensive partner network with whom we are proud to collaborate. At Elliott, we realise the importance of consistent and continuous networking to offer you an even more comprehensive list of services during your international relocation. Our network extends to various parts of the country and over a hundred countries across the globe. In collaboration with our partners, we can address all your needs and provide you with tailored service solutions when it’s time for your big move. Let us know where you’re heading, and we can do the rest.

  • Finally, we have earned recognition and accreditation both locally and abroad. Not only have we won numerous awards, but we also belong to several prestigious removal networks, including FIDI (the International Federation of Movers), IAM (International Association of Movers), ICEFAT (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters), and The Road Freight Association. Our strong networks and international recognition truly set us apart from other removal companies and is a testament to the quality services we offer our customers.

What Sets Elliott Apart from Other Removal Companies

What truly sets us apart from other removal companies is our strong focus on customer service. When you have a concern, it is handled with care and consideration by those in top positions in our company. Our joint CEOs personally investigate and address any incidents that may occur ensuring that you receive excellent service at all times and have your concerns prioritised and resolved as quickly as possible so that you can rest assured that your move is in the hands of a top-quality moving company.

You can read more about Elliott and our services here.

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