Get an Online Quote from Moving Companies in Johannesburg

Get an Online Quote from Moving Companies in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg is a busy city. Since the gold rush in the late 1800s, the city hasn’t seen much (if any) downtime. But all that glitters is not gold, even in the famed Egoli. For some people, the hustle and bustle of such a big city (by South African standards) is simply too much. If you’re one of the people who wants to exchange the rat race of Johannesburg for a quieter scene in a smaller town, you’re probably trying to decide which of the many moving companies in Johannesburg you should choose. Elliott is a company that can facilitate moves anywhere in South Africa, whether you’re swapping one Jozi neighbourhood for another, or trying to get away from the city entirely by moving across the country.

There are many moving companies in Johannesburg, but they don’t all allow you to get an online quote. Some of these moving companies require extensive back-and-forth phone calls and emails to get an estimation, while others might surprise you with hidden charges during or after your move. Elliott does not operate like this. We know our customers and their needs, so we’ve made it very easy to get an online quote. Not all moving companies in Johannesburg are created equal, but Elliott prides itself on being one of Johannesburg’s most socially responsible moving companies through its involvement in various social and charitable projects.

The Step-by-Step Guide to get an Online Quote from Elliott

Trying to get an online quote from moving companies shouldn’t be a headache in and of itself. Moving is already stressful and having to worry about getting quotes from moving companies can only add to the stress. That’s why we’ve created the simple guide below to help you get an online quote. We suggest opening a new tab on your browser and following each step of the guide for the optimum experience.

Step 1. Go to the Elliott homepage and click on “Get a Quote”. This will bring you to a screen with 4 panels (Move Locally, Storage & Specialised Moves, Move Offices, Move Internationally), each representing the kind of move you may wish to undertake. Click on your preferred option and proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Once you’ve clicked on the type of move you require, you’ll need to select the option most applicable to your situation. If you choose “Move Locally”, you can skip to Step 3. For “Storage & Specialised Moves”, choose between “Short Term” and “Long Term”; for “Move Offices”, select the type of move you’ll need (“Office”, “Factory”, “I.T”); and for “Move Internationally”, simply tell us if you’re moving to or from South Africa.

Step 3. Tell us where you are moving from, where you are moving to, and the ideal date you would want to get it done. Try using exact addresses for the most accurate quote possible.

Step 4. Choose any extras you’ll need for the move, such as insurance cover, pet relocation, fine art storage, vehicle storage, and general storage solutions. If you choose the “Storage & Specialised Moves” option during Step 2, you’ll need to tell us which items you need to store in an additional step. If you choose “Move Offices”, you’ll also need to tell us how many people are employed in your company.

Step 5A. This is the final step. Simply fill in the form with your contact details and enter your discount code (if you’ve got one). For “Move Locally” and “Move Internationally”, you can select either “Contact Me” or “Send Me Quote” and proceed to Step 5B.

Step 5B. If you selected “Send Me Quote”, you will need to provide us with some additional details that were not captured in the first contact form. You’ll be given the opportunity to provide us with specific instructions for your move, such as which boxes and items need to be placed in which rooms, the number of rooms in the house and what they’re used for, and finally who will be paying for the move (and how).

Get Moving

Elliott has made it easy to get an online quote. Once we’ve given you an estimation of the cost of your move, you can just tell us to go ahead, and we’ll get started. It’s that simple!

Start the process and get an online quote here.

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