Plan Your Office Move, That Way You’ll Actually Enjoy It!

When planning is such a huge part of business at large, it’s often remarkable how easily people abandon it when it’s time to move offices. There are certainly those who make use of human and other resources in the company to formulate moving strategies and responsibilities, but a detailed moving plan demands some skill in composition, and lots of skill in execution! Whether you’re pretty organised or not ready at all, you need to plan your office move well in advance to avoid costs, keep the exercise pleasant, and also very importantly, set up as quickly as possible on the other side. When time is money, probably the greatest benefit of planning your office move lies in the speed with which you can reestablish home base at the new premises.

Both offices and homes have delicate items to move, but when a bubble-wrapped vase cracks in a home move, for example, the homeowner doesn’t stop earning. Tech gear in an office move is essentially your business’ ability to make money, and IT relocation will take some specific measures to ensure you suffer no losses. No one wants to field replacement costs after the trek of a move, just to regain former functionality. Long before you even get to the new offices, however, and if you’re employing office moving pros, scouting and planning needs to happen, so that not only do you pack up well, but you also unpack as everything would ideally be at your new premises. If you thoroughly plan your office move in consultation with the pros, you’ll take care of everything, leaving nothing to chance, and have the smoothest transition to shiny new offices you can immediately start to enjoy.


Some Key Considerations When You Plan Your Office Move

Yes, moving is somewhat basic in one sense. You pack your stuff, stick it on a truck, and unpack at the other end. Assuming that such a basic depiction is the whole truth, however, is what gets companies into trouble on moving day. There’s a lot more to consider than simply bulky lifting and carrying. When you plan your office move, are you thinking of each piece of IT equipment, starting with the server? Where will the heart of your IT reside? Is there a suitable server room? And how about cabling? Have you mapped out the server room and each workstation and been to check whether the extent of cabling connects everyone successfully? As for those workstations, who gets what furniture, and who needs to be adjacent to whom? Office moves demand forward planning to maintain ergonomics and overall functionality. Not only must the people and equipment be reestablished practically, but time is also of the essence-swift reconnection to your suppliers and customers is crucial.

Indeed, when you plan your office move with professional movers at your side, this kind of forward thinking is part of the service. You might even establish an advance team who will cut and run on the day, setting up a temporary workstation either at home or at the new offices, so that you have continuity of sales and service. There are subtle but numerous differences to a DIY versus professional office move-how the look and feel and ultimate success of the move impacts staff morale and business image, how small, unplanned decisions on the day can deplete the month’s petty cash-the list goes on. Because business is about money, because what companies do in their offices is about money, the wisdom remains: plan your office move!


Plan Your Office Move, with Elliott By Your Side

The happiest office moves in SA begin and end with Elliott. That’s more than just an overblown statement, and if you bring us in before time, we’ll happily demonstrate just why companies lean on us to relocate. We guarantee we’ll have a host of issues to plan that hadn’t even been considered yet and combined with our international standing for handling and care, as well as the extensive peripheral services we provide, our value will shine through.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, getting pro movers in to relocate your office is affordable, and the most efficient means of getting it done. Getting Elliott on board with your office move simply elevates the experience to become something entirely different from the average DIY or bottom dollar outcomes. Most importantly, working with us is an exercise that can be costed, known, and executed without contingent hassles and unexpected expenses. Call on us at Elliott -it just makes business sense.