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Professional Moving Companies

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How to Locate Professional Moving Companies in South Africa

If you have gone through the process of moving, you probably want to find one of the professional moving companies rather than doing it on your own. With the costs involved in a move, locating the best-priced, reliable moving companies is vital. You can save a lot of money by comparing movers and selecting the right one.

Tips on Locating Professional Movers

Do the research and shortlist the moving companies according to price, locations served, experience, facilities, service level, and proven record of accomplishment. You can then phone each one in turn and let them do a pre-move survey. This is usually done for free, so it would be a wise move.

Recommendations Can Come from Anywhere

You do not necessarily have to know someone who has used a moving company before; you can ask anybody, from your family to your co-workers. However, if you really want to have more than just a few options, asking around on social media could help you out. This way, you get recommendations from a bunch of people and you can see if any company names come up more than once. In that case, investigating the ones with more recommendations already gives you an edge. As an alternative, visit the social-media pages of professional moving companies and review their ratings. Shortlist the ones with good ratings.

History Tells A Story

Start looking closer once you have located a few of the top professional moving companies in South Africa. Look into the history of the movers. See how long they have been operating. Go through comments and ratings if you can find any. See if there are articles online about the companies. Try to gather enough information about them to decide based on trustworthiness and the company meeting your requirements. The most important thing is to find reliable people to do the job.

For the Home Survey

When the movers visit for the home survey, be honest about the total number of items. Show them all the items that have to be moved. This includes boxes, furniture, pets, and whatever you want them to relocate. If you want an accurate estimate, you should not hide anything. Armed with three quotes from professional moving companies, you can now make your final choice.

It Is Not All About the Cost

When you compare quotes from the professionals, you may want to opt for the cheapest one. However, simply checking the total cost tells you only half the story. Sift through the prices of the individual services offered. Make sure that all the services you want to use are included in the quotes. You cannot tell whether one moving company is more affordable than the other if you do not compare the same types of services.

Don’t Move Without Insurance

If the movers you decide on are reliable, they will not do a move without insurance cover. They most likely include insurance for your belongings in the quote. If not, they are bound to suggest a few insurance deals. Fraudsters normally do not want insurance companies involved and this will raise the red flag.

Inspect the Moving List

On moving day, make sure you get a list of the items to be moved. Inspect it carefully to make sure there are no items missing from the list. If an item is not on the list, it is likely that they did not see it and thus, did not add it to the quote, so inform the movers of the items. In most instances, you can have the items added and just pay a little more at the end of the day. However, do not let items be loaded if the items are not on the inventory list. Your insurance company will not pay out if one of the unlisted items goes missing.

Final Tip

Once you have moved with a reputable company, there is no way you will ever want to move without professionals again. With that in mind, view our history, services, and membership of professional organisations. Also, visit our social-media pages and view our ratings. You will find that we have an extensive network, enabling us to handle moves locally and internationally. Our fees are affordable, our service superb, and our product offering extensive. We stand out as one of the most reliable professional moving companies in South Africa. Call us for an obligation-free quote.

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