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Do You Want to Move Farm and Need Movers in South Africa?

Do you have boats that must be stored or plants requiring special care while in storage? Do you need help with pet relocation? Do you have many household items and need movers in South Africa that can handle such a large and unique move?

You may have stayed on a farm at a remote location for years now, but you have sold your property in order to move to the coast. Chances are that you have gathered quite a few items, of which some are probably family heirloom pieces. Whether it is a grandfather clock, larger-than-life yellow wood dining table, huge billiard table, or a Jacuzzi that must be moved, we are able to help.

Of course, being located far from a town, you want movers who are willing to send a consultant to your home in order to do an assessment of your unique moving requirements. To this end, we do not disappoint. The free on-site assessment helps us to understand your moving requirements better.

We can assess the distance, the surrounds, packing needs, storage requirements, and number of pets that must be relocated. We can answer your questions and provide you with guidance. Indeed, we know you do not need a moving company in South Africa simply for the sake of getting your furniture from point A to B. You want movers who are able to move antiques, garage tools, garden furniture, artworks, expensive carpets, pot plants, and even vehicles.

We also know that you may want storage space for the items you do not want at your rental home at the coast. These items are valuable and you want secure storage facilities. In addition, you want a moving company who is able to collect the items and transport them to the storage facilities. Once you have bought a property on the coast and have space for the items, you can have us move them from the storage facilities to your abode.

Packing, pet relocation, caravan storage, and disassembling office equipment can be included in our quote. As such, you will not need other movers in South Africa for the special equipment. We can handle everything from the smallest to the largest equipment when moving your premises.

If you thus want movers who understand your specific moving requirements, give us a call and experience why so many South Africans have already made use of our services.