Reliable Movers in Cape Town

Reliable Movers in Cape Town

Elliott Mobility Removals Cape Town

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7 Top Reasons to Choose Us as Your Reliable Movers in Cape Town

Cape Town is as popular as ever. It is a main local tourist destination and the new economic hub of the country. With thousands of people moving to the city each year, there is a need for reliable movers in Cape Town. Residents might move from one suburb to another for many reasons, like being closer to their places of work. Regardless of the reason you are moving to Cape Town or from one suburb to another, you need reliable movers and we meet the requirements. Here are 7 reasons to choose us as your reliable movers in Cape Town:

Professional Packing to Help Save Time

Instead of having to make use of several service providers to help you move, you can entrust the entire furniture-removal project to us. This means that you do not even have to pack your own belongings. Our team can do it all for you. We can supply you with all your packing materials as well, and handle the packing, furniture removal, and unpacking at your new abode, whether in Cape Town or any another town or city in South Africa.

Free Site Visit for An Accurate Quote

Have you ever tried to call a furniture-removal company for a quote and then having a standard list of items to select from on the form? It is frustrating, since your move is unique. Your beds may be custom-made and instead of having the standard TV, entertainment system, PCs, dining-room suite, chairs, and 50 boxes, you have houseplants, kennels, blinds, power tools, garden tools, boardgames, and more – and you cannot find your items on the standard questionnaire. Fortunately, we understand your problems and, as reliable furniture removers in Cape Town, we do a free site visit to ensure an accurate quote. No unpleasant billing surprises!

Extensive Experience to Your Benefit

We have been around for some time and with an extensive network of movers, storage facilities, agents, and a big fleet, we have the resources to meet all your moving needs. In fact, we have an international footprint and whether you are moving locally from one Cape Town suburb to another, from Cape Town to Bloemfontein, or from an overseas city, we can assist. Evident of our reliability is the list of testimonials on our website. Our movers have done thousands of house, office, fine-arts, and special moves and are prepared for any situation.

Access to Online Facility to Track Your Move

We understand that you want to know exactly what is happening and when. You need to retain control over the moving of your belongings. As such, we give you access to our online facility where you can track your move. It is a secure platform and password-protected. As such, there is no risk of a third party interfering in your move.

Insurance to Cover Your Move

As reliable movers in Cape Town, we want you to have complete peace of mind regarding the safety of your belongings. As such, we offer extensive insurance cover to protect against unforeseen events. We know that accidents can happen and that the risk of damage to goods always exists. We also understand there might also be a risk of fire. The likelihood of damage to your belongings is small, but for that small possibility, we offer cover. We also make it easy for you to access insurance products for added peace of mind when moving house.

 Specialised Moving Services for Your Convenience

Though there are other reliable movers in Cape Town, few offer specialised services, such as fine-art relocation. We do, and as members of the International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters, we are expert fine-art handlers. Everything from special crates to climate-controlled environments are part of our service.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Our moving company offers everything from packing and storage to pet relocation and vehicle transport services as part of our service offering. We thus have you covered in every area, no matter what your need.

Get in touch with our team of reliable movers in Cape Town for a quote according to your moving needs.

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