Elliott Will Help You Relocate Your Fine Wine Collection in Cape Town

Elliott Will Help You Relocate Your Fine Wine Collection in Cape Town

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Cape Town is a beautiful city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa and, arguably, the world. With its fine white beaches, boutique shopping, and a seemingly endless supply of wine (courtesy of the spectacular winelands in the surrounding areas), Cape Town serves as a popular destination for both local and international tourists. Cape Town’s lucrative wine industry helps to boost the local economy and it is responsible for providing many jobs in the area itself and on every vineyard that supplies grapes and wine to the country, and internationally.  Whether a vineyard needs to move several dozens of boxes to a large retail chain in Cape Town (or elsewhere in the country), or whether a private collector needs to relocate the contents of his cellar, they will need transportation services and experienced movers. In this article, we consider the intricacies of wine relocation and how movers ensure that these wines stay safe during transportation.

How Our Movers Keep Your Wine Safe During Transportation

Wine cannot be transported like other goods. It needs to be handled with great care and respect. While our movers are trained to always handle goods with care, there are a few good reasons why wine relocation is a more delicate process than others.

The first reason why wine transportation is more complex than the transportation of other goods is that wine bottles tend to be fragile (as they are made of glass).  Glass is the material of choice for wine bottles because it does not impart flavour to the wine as other materials would. Unfortunately, glass also happens to be exceptionally fragile and prone to breaking when exposed to impact, friction, or unnecessary movement.

The other important factor our movers take into consideration when moving wine in and around Cape Town is the fact that temperature plays an important role in the taste and preservation of wine. If wine is properly stored or preserved, it can be enjoyed for many years after it was first bottled. Conversely, wine can expire quite quickly if it is not adequately stored. Temperature plays a significant role in the longevity of the wine. Storing wine at temperatures that are too hot or too cold can alter the chemical composition of the wine, changing it from a fine, priceless vintage into a substance that is similar in taste and texture to expired vinegar. Optimal temperature maintenance with little disruptions is required to ensure your vintage wine lasts for longer.

To keep your fine wine collection safe during moving, Elliott’s movers have a range of tools and equipment at their disposal to ensure your collection arrives at its destination in pristine condition. To account for each of the conditions mentioned above, our movers use special packaging and temperature-regulated vehicles and storage facilities. To prevent wine bottles from breaking during journeys of any length, our movers ensure that they are packed individually in special boxes that reduce friction and movement during the move, which will reduce tension on the bottles and prevent them from cracking and breaking (or getting otherwise damaged) during the move. In addition to sturdy and padded boxes, our movers also make use of trucks that are climate controlled. This means that your fine wine collection will maintain its optimal temperature during the move, preventing any unwanted chemical alterations.

Why Does Wine Require Special Transportation?

Wine is an investment. For many owners of fine wines, it is not just about preserving the wine for consumption at a later date, but about preserving the wine (and the condition of the bottle itself) to be sold for a handsome profit down the line. Wine is often used as an example of something that gets better with age, and with good reason! At Elliott, we know how valuable your wine collection is, which is why we take the steps outlined above to ensure that your collection (and your investment) is always safe with us, whether we are transporting it to one of our state-of-the-art storage facilities or any other destination of your choosing.

If you live in Cape Town and are looking for movers of your fine wine collection, then learn more about Elliott’s specialised and bespoke services by clicking here.

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