Removal Companies in South Africa

Removal Companies in South Africa


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Packing Made Easy with Removal Companies in South Africa

One of the most important aspects of a move, is packing. The process of putting all your belongings into boxes, crates, and bubble wrap seems simple enough. However, it is not as simple as it seems. When you are using a removal company, you want to be sure that they know exactly what is packed in which containers, to ensure that the right items go to storage and your new home.

Eight Incredibly Important Tips on Packing

There are many different places to move in South Africa, each with their own benefits and snags. However, the way you pack is standard, and does not change, whether you are moving to Cape Town, Pretoria, or Durban. Follow these easy tips, and you will never struggle to pack again:

  • Sort in an organised manner
  • Fix and refurbish broken furniture
  • Clean and wash everything
  • Buy the correct containers
  • Schedule all your necessary tasks
  • Buy labels, pens, and tape
  • Get quotes from removal companies in South Africa
  • Pack an overnight bag


Sort Items in Piles

Before you start organising your kitchenware, clothing, toys, electronics, etc. in different categories, get rid of unnecessary things. Get a few old boxes, and label them in the following manner: charity, rubbish, storage, and need. Give away clothing that is damaged or too small, as well as toys, blankets, pillows, and curtains that are never used. Throw away stained, broken, and useless items.

Store what you want to keep, but do not use often. After you have done this, you can organise further by separating fragile items, kitchen appliances, electronics, toys, books, and more. This will help removal companies know what is fragile, and what to unpack where. In addition, it will make it easier to get quotes from removal companies in South Africa, as they can quickly assess how much space is needed.

Up-style Your Furniture

Damaged or old furniture can still be used. It just needs a few adjustments to shine again. Before moving, fix damaged tables, chairs, and couches. Upholster where needed, and up-style your furniture, so that you can have a fresh start in your new home. Throw away or sell furniture pieces you no longer want. By removing everything that is in the way, you can get accurate quotes from removal companies in South Africa.

A Sanitary Environment Is a Healthy Environment

Wash all your dirty clothing, kid’s toys, bedding, and dishes. If everything is already clean when you pack it, you will have less work to do when you get to your final destination.

Bubble-wrap, Carton Boxes, and Plastic Containers

Do not skimp on packaging material, as this is what will determine the safety of your items during the move. Bubble-wrap and moving paper can be used to cover breakable items. Use plastic containers for packing your kitchen utensils and small items. Buy plastic containers for books, electronics, and anything else that can be damaged by water or rats. Get boxes for clothing and bedding that you will open immediately after moving. Of course, you can have the furniture removal company do the packing for you, or at least provide packing materials.

Planning Is a Necessity

By scheduling tasks ahead of time, you set a reminder not to forget anything that needs to be done. By using one of the expert furniture removal companies in South Africa, such as Elliott Mobility, to handle everything from packing, to transporting and unpacking, many of the items on your to-do-list can be removed from your calendar.

Tag Your Belongings

Label everything from kitchenware to sentimental things. If you mark and label everything, it is easier to know if something is missing. Removal companies normally label items they pack. If you pack, then you need to label properly, to make it easier on the movers. This will make it possible for them to check your items more thoroughly, and pack them easier if they are properly labelled and sealed with duck-tape.

Get Quotes from Various Furniture Removal Companies in South Africa

Ask for quotes from different movers, to ensure you get an affordable price for quality services. Also look at the ratings and reviews on the company that gives you the best quote. Remember you trust these professionals with everything you have.

Pack a Bag with Things You Will Need Immediately

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, snacks, water, clean clothing, a flashlight, pillows, and blankets are all items that you will use in the first two days. If you are properly prepared, you will not have to search through your boxes at midnight for your necessities.

When you are ready for a change in scenery, and you decide to move, be prepared. Pack properly, and use the services of Elliott Mobility, one of the trusted furniture removal companies in South Africa.

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