Removal Company for Long-Distances

Removal Company for Long-Distances

Removal Company for Long-Distances

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Tips on Using a Removal Company for a Long-Distance Move

You have just bought a house on the coast and it is your first immovable property ownership. Your family is excited and so are you. However, moving from the inland to the coast suddenly feels like a daunting task. And for the most part, it is. You need to get rid of some household items, and you suddenly realise that you have gathered quite a few items over the years. Your hopes of simply hiring a trailer and moving in one trip are shattered. Choosing to use a removal company seems to be expensive, until you realise that you will need to do at least three tips with your vehicle and trailer.

Adding the cost of trailer hire, the need to travel hundreds of kilometres, the cost of fuel, the difficulty of travelling with your pets in the car, and the risk of accidents, and you should start to consider using a removal company. The next question is: which one of the many available should you use?

Here You Need to Assess Your Moving Needs:

  • Do you have to relocate pets?
  • Do you have antiques, electronics, and valuable items?
  • Is time a factor, and do you still have to work right up to the day before the move?
  • Do you need storage space?
  • Do you have extra vehicles that must also be transported?
  • Do you need help with the packing of the household items?

Chances are that you may have to store some of your items at first. To this end, using a removal company that offers self-storage facilities for items that are not immediately required is the way to go. It is also true if you have houseplants requiring storage for a while. Opting for a removal company that offers greenhouse facilities for plant storage is certainly recommended.

Now consider the importance of your valuables. To this end, a removal company with a proven record of accomplishment is recommended. The company must have a national footprint and must be able to handle removals of music instruments, artworks, electronics, and sensitive equipment.

If you do not have time to do the packing, a removal company that offers full packing and unpacking services is essential. Now consider how convenient it can be if the business you are using also takes care of the vehicle transportation or storage

Finally, if they are able to assist with pet relocation, you are home-free. Does the firm offer insurance assistance? If so, you have your movers. Of course, affordability of the services is also an important consideration.

Getting an Accurate Quote

Have you tried to get quotes from removal firms? Did it strike you that many of the items on their inventory lists are not in your home and that the forms simply do not make provision for the types of items you have, such as paddle boards, diving equipment, hockey sticks, and more? Do you have several garden items that are not on the lists? It is simple. Such lists cannot be comprehensive and can only cater for generic requests. If you want a truly accurate quote, using the online forms will not help. You need a business that is willing to send a consultant to your home to help with the assessment. And this assessment should be free. The good news is that we do offer the service, ensuring we can provide you with a quote relevant to your move. Indeed, no two moves are the same, and it is thus important for an expert to help with the assessment.

Once you have decided on using our business for your move, your next step is to start the preparation process. A date has been set, but so many things must be done before you can move. To this end, we recommend making use of our packing, storing, pet relocation, and vehicle transportation services as well. This will help to reduce the stress that comes with a long-distance move.

From your side, you can pack items you want to transport in the vehicle. You can buy pet carriers to be placed in your house to make your pets comfortable with the carriers. In addition, you can cancel your subscriptions, submit a forwarding address to your postal service provider, give notice on your electricity account, and notify your insurer about the intended move and moving date. Using a removal company certainly makes life easier. Get in touch for more information and quote assistance.

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