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Which Furniture Removal Company to Use for a Long-Distance Move to Cape Town?

If you plan to move to Cape Town from one of the cities in Gauteng, the first step is to find a company that offers furniture removals nationally. Fortunately, we meet the profile. Of course, just getting a furniture removals quote for long distance moving can seem like a daunting task. Most furniture removers want information, such as a set date, a complete list of items to move, the total number of boxes or crates, and a general indication of the weight that they will carry.

You will be glad to know that we offer onsite consultation. This means that we will come to you to determine the size of the move. Our consultants have years of experience, making us experts when it comes to determining the weight, space requirements, load capacity, and more of a move. We do not expect you to know upfront whether a 4-ton, 8-ton, or 10-ton truck will be suitable.

Another frustration that may pop up once you plan the move is whether or not the provider of furniture removals will be able to move your electronic equipment, artworks, sculptures, and musical instruments. Here too you will be glad to know that we can do so whether you want to move from one location in Cape Town to another suburb, or want to move from Gauteng to Cape Town.

We offer special wrapping and packaging assistance, and because we know how easy it is to miss specific smaller, but sensitive items in the listing of items when requesting a quote, we work with you. In this way, we take some of the stress related to moving from one city to another from your shoulders.

It is furthermore essential to make use of long-distance movers. The company must be experienced in travelling long distances and must have a nationwide network. In this way, you can save on the cost of furniture removals. Indeed, in some instances, you can even share a truck with another client.

Our consultants will explain when it is the best time for a move. End of month furniture removals are often more expensive, and you may have to book furniture removal well ahead of time. If you are thus in a hurry to get to your new abode in Cape Town, you will be glad to know that you can schedule for the middle of the week or mid-month.

Other factors to consider when planning a long-distance move to Cape Town include whether or not to take your houseplants to the new home, where to store the plants until you are ready for the move, how to transport your pets safely, and what to do with your vehicles. We offer expertise and assistance in all the above, and with extensive experience in all types of removals, you can rest assured that all your valuables, plants, and pets will be safe. We can also assist in arranging the transportation of your vehicles.

A final factor to consider is whether you want to move all the items to Cape Town at once. You must think about the new abodeā€¦is it empty and ready to be moved in, do you plan on staying at the new address for a few months before buying your own property, will you move in at once, and how much space will you have available? The good news is that once you have the answers, we do have storage solutions whether for vehicles, boats, cycles, household goods, plants or crates.

Our secure storage facilities are well maintained, and you have 24-hour access. By making use of short-, medium- or long-term storage, you can save money. Instead of moving all your belongings at once, as it can be an expensive operation, you can store the items until you have the money for moving such items or when you have space and more time to do so.

Our consultants for furniture removals are here to assist and will provide you with an accurate quote. With our years of experience in furniture removals to and from Cape Town, we can help you to avoid costly pitfalls. In addition, you can make use of our insurance assistance, helping you to gain peace of mind regarding your valuable items in transit. View our full range of removal and relocation services, and let our experts help you plan and execute the move.